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Water and Wastewater Billing and Payments

Paying Your Haldimand County Water and Wastewater Invoice

Please make all payments through your Financial Institution by choosing “Haldimand County Water and Wastewater” as the bill payee and direct all correspondence to

  • Add Haldimand County Water and Wastewater as the payee for online and telephone banking
  • Your water and wastewater account number is different from your electricity account number
  • We accept payments in Canadian Dollars
  • We do not accept payments in person at our Haldimand County Administration Building
  • All Water & Wastewater bills are sent via Canada Post, we do not currently offer paperless billing

Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)
Enjoy worry-free, on time payments through the convenience of our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.When you sign up for the plan, we automatically withdraw payments from your bank account on the due date indicated on each Water and Wastewater bill. Enroll below today!

Application forms are also available at Haldimand County Administrative Offices.

WWW Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form 2022

At most financial institutions
You can pay in person at the teller; at the ATM or using your financial institution’s online or telephone banking. Please ensure you specify “Haldimand County Water and Wastewater” as the payee to ensure correct payment allocation. Some banks shorten the word Wastewater to wswtr, this is still the correct payee.

By mail
Please make your cheque payable to Haldimand County (Water and Wastewater). Our mailing address is:

Haldimand County Water & Wastewater
P.O. Box 95510 RPO Newmarket CTR
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8J8

Notice to Law Offices
The fee for an Arrears Certificate can be found:

  1.  Schedule C of the Water & Wastewater Charges By-law under section “Administration Fees and Late Payment Interest Charges”.

Please make your cheque payable to Haldimand County (Water and Wastewater). Our mailing address is:

Haldimand County Water & Wastewater
P.O. Box 95510 RPO Newmarket CTR
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8J8

Billing and Collection Timeline

Day 1
Bill issued. All collection terms are outlined on the bill.

Day 21
Bill due date
(21 Calendar Days)

After Day 21
Interest applied to outstanding balance owing.

Day 28
Automated call to remind customer of past due amounts.
(1 week past due date)

After Day 31
Next bill is issued with overdue balance. Overdue balance is due immediately.

Day 42
Second automated call indicating amount to be transferred to tax roll.
(3 weeks past due date)

After day 52
Unpaid amounts applied to Property Tax Roll with a Fee.

Day 62
Next bill issued with Day 1 balance removed.
Amount transferred to the tax roll is indicated on the bill.


  • All residential and commercial customers are billed monthly for the previous month’s consumption, for an example, the bill you receive in December is for the month of November usage
  • Customer’s are billed 12 times per calendar year
  • Number of days you are billed for varies month to month, which depends on the read day, weekends, holidays and time it takes to get manual reads and follow-up reads

Fluctuating Bills?
Your bills may vary month to month. This can be due to:

  • The time of year  and weather  – dry periods and watering grass/garden
  • Age of appliances in your home
  • The number of people in your household  – more showers, laundry, flushing toilet, dishes
  • Your lifestyle  – retired vs. a family of 4, a pool or hot tub addition

Water Meters
Haldimand County has new water meters. If a meter fails or stops, our billing department will alert our field services team to investigate the meter. If you are concerned about your water usage county staff can make a site visit to assit with a leak detection free of charge and provide information about how to read/use the water meter.

To request a check read on your water meter contact Haldimand County Water & Wastewater.

Wastewater Surcharge Rebate

In case of a water leak where the water has not re-entered the sanitary sewer system, it is reasonable to consider a rebate for the wastewater portion of the bill, provided certain criteria is met. For more detailed information and the rebate form, please see Wastewater Consumption Charge Rebate Information and download the form below to apply.

Please note we do not offer any rebates for watering newly laid sod or landscaping, or for filling of swimming pools.


If you are a tenant, and you have to pay Water & Wastewater, you need to set up your own account. To do that please see the next section, Account Setup & Changes.


As the property owner, if the tenant fails to pay the Water & Wastewater bills, the arrears are applied to the property tax roll, which are your responsibility.

Provincial legislation under section 398 (2) of the Municipal Act provides that charges for the supply of a public utility may be added to the taxes for the property to which the utility was supplied which also includes water arrears of the tenants of an owner’s property. Typically, the owner of the property has an agreement with the tenant that the tenant will pay for water and wastewater services. Owners assume the risks and rewards
associated with ownership and as such, it is their responsibility to ensure that the tenant is paying the water and wastewater charges.

Tenant’s Accounts

Landlord’s can obtain limited information on their tenants account balances and bill dates. When you call Haldimand Water & Wastewater, you will be asked to verify that you are the property owner by providing:

  • The Roll Number of the account you are calling about
  • The Tenant’s name
  • The amount of arrears that was tax rolled to your property tax account per the letter that the County has
    sent you

Haldimand County Water and Wastewater is able to provide you with the following information on your Tenant’s account:

  • The bill dates and due dates of the unpaid invoices
  • The breakdown between Water, Wastewater and interest
  • When the next bill will be issued on the account

Arrears added to your tax roll?

  • Water arrears that are added to your property tax account include a Transfer to Property Tax Account for Collection Fee
  • If you have more than one tenant’s arrears added to your property tax bill for that month, only one fee is applied
  • It is your responsibility as the landlord to collect any fees and arrears from your tenants

Tips to avoid having your tenant’s arrears added to you property tax account:

  • Pay for all the Water & Wastewater for all your rental units and recoup the costs from the monthly rent by estimating an average usage
  • Provide incentives for your tenants to use less water by offering a refund if they use less than the estimated monthly usage

Account Setup & Changes

  • If you need to open or close an account please fill out the Customer Account Form
  • New account set up does not require a deposit, however does have an Account Setup Charge
    Haldimand County does reserve the right to require deposits if circumstances permit
  • Completed Customer Account Forms can be emailed or faxes to the contact information listed below

The Customer Account Form is also available at any Haldimand County Administrative Offices.

If you need to change your contact information (ex. email, phone number, mailing address on your account) please contact Haldimand County Water & Waster Water

Water Use in the Home

Housing Stability Bank

The Housing Stability Bank is available for moderate to low-income households requiring support in starting up a new residence or maintaining a current residence.

You must complete and submit an application, and you may be eligible for a loan or grant depending on your source of income. To apply for the benefit, please complete the Housing Stability Bank application. Applications can be submitted to our Simcoe or Dunnville office, attention Housing Resource Coordinator.

The benefit is available once every 24 months and eligible expenses include: last month’s rent; hydro/gas/water/propane connection fees; rent arrears if you are facing eviction; hydro/gas/water/propane arrears if you are facing disconnection or have already had your service shut off.

For more information please contact Homeless Prevention Services Intake line at 519-426-6170 or 905-318-6623 Ext 3134.

Electricity Issues

Call Hydro One (formerly Haldimand County Hydro) with questions and concerns related to all electricity issues at:

Hydro One Customer Communications Centre
Toll-Free: 1 (844) 743-6173
Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Power Outages and Emergencies
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 434-1235
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fax: 1 (888) 625-4401

If you need an underground locate for the sewer/water line for a structure you are building, please contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255

Water & Wastewater Contact Information

Contact Haldimand County Water and Wastewater call centre at:


Toll-Free: 1-844-361-1871
Fax: 1-844-458-6573

Haldimand County Water and Wastewater customers can access the customer service call centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.