Argyle St. Bridge replacement project update (MTO)

The Ministry of Transportation is moving forward with the engineering and design work to support the Argyle Street Bridge replacement project. The Argyle Street Bridge is located over the Grand River in Caledonia.

While engineering and design work are underway, the ministry continues to monitor the bridge’s condition with visual inspections, sensors and a maintenance camera.

Load Posting Reduction

In January 2019, signs were installed to advise that the load restriction on the bridge had been reduced to 8 tonnes. Trucks are no longer permitted on the bridge and a signed truck route has been established using Highway 6.

Traffic Signal Installation

Given the newly-implemented lower load restriction, the MTO recently installed signals on either end of the bridge to limit traffic when emergency vehicles need to cross. The signals are now active and operating. The signals will remain green until pre-empted by Haldimand County Emergency Services to allow for emergency vehicles to cross the bridge.

Road & Sidewalk Closures

To support signal operation, Forfar Street East has been closed to westbound traffic (traffic exiting Forfar St. onto Argyle). The traffic signals and the one-way Forfar Street closure are expected to be in place until the bridge replacement is completed.

In March, the MTO will begin interim work on the northerly spans of the bridge. The remedial work will mostly occur at night to avoid traffic delays, however, the west side (upstream) sidewalk must be fully closed to the public. This stage is expected to take 6 weeks, at which time the west side sidewalk will reopen.

Upcoming Repair Work

Additional repairs will be made to the bridge this year to ensure the bridge remains safe and reliable for use by the travelling public, pedestrians and emergency responders.

Updates will be posted as they are provided by the MTO. Please contact Engineering Services if you require additional information.