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Municipal Administration

Each department at Haldimand County performs a specific function that is essential to ensuring the municipality operates smoothly and effectively. From the Office of the CAO to Public Works Operations, our responsive and dedicated team provides citizens with high-quality services that promote the well-being of our communities.

Mayor: Shelley Ann Bentley
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6101

Chief Administrative Officer: Cathy Case
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6308

General Manager: Megan Jamieson
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6116

General Manager: Mark Merritt
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6350

General Manager: Dan McKinnon
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6318

General Manager: Tyson Haedrich
Contact: (905) 318-5932 ext. 6437