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By-law Enforcement Complaint and Inquiry Form

Do you have a by-law question or concern about a violation happening in your neighbourhood? Complete our By-law Enforcement Complaint and Inquiry Form below.

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Contact Information

Please ensure that you include complete and valid information in all fields. Complaints/inquiries without complete and valid information will not be responded to or investigated. Your information will remain confidential

Please fill out the complaint/inquiry form below to begin the complaint/inquiry process.



Location of Complaint/Inquiry

To assist in the processing of your complaint/inquiry efficiently, the minimum information we require completed in this section is the address and town of the property for inspection purposes. Any additional information you can provide, such as first and/or last name of the property owner is helpful but not essential.

Comments & Additional Details   *

This space is for your comments, further description of the complaint/inquiry and any other additional information which may be of help to our officers. Please provide as much detail as possible.