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Cemetery Services

It’s Public Works Week! A division of the Public Works Operations Department, Facilities and Parks staff perform general care and maintenance of administration buildings, community halls, libraries, museums, fire halls and ambulance stations. This team also operates and maintains all 64 parks throughout Haldimand County, along with 5 ice pads, 3 pools, 2 splash pads and 1 wading pool.

Staff are also responsible for the care maintenance and operation of 40 cemeteries across the County. As well as the continual management of tree maintenance contractors conducting tree removal, stump grinding, pruning; tree planting and consultants inspecting trees across the County.

Haldimand County maintains a number of cemeteries and our knowledgeable staff are here to help.  For any of your cemetery needs, please contact our Cemetery Services division.

Cemetery Services – Haldimand County Administration Building
53  Thorburn Street South, Cayuga ON N0A 1E0
Phone: (905) 318-5932, Ext. 6510 (Lead Hand, Cemeteries)

Haldimand County Cemetery Operator License #3272658

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Haldimand County Cemetery By-law

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Bereavement Authority of Ontario