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Tree Planting Partnership Invites Private Landowners to Participate in Trees For All Program

Have land? Let’s plant trees for a better tomorrow

The Niagara Peninsula Tree Planting Partnership (NPTPP) invites private landowners to join collective efforts to bring millions of trees to the Niagara Peninsula watershed, in support of Canada’s goal of planting two billion trees.

The Government of Canada recently launched its ‘2 Billion Trees’ program which seeks to collaborate with partners on long-term agreements to reach this goal together. As such, community groups, environmental agencies, and governmental organizations in the Niagara Peninsula watershed have joined to create the NPTPP, with the common interest of restoring natural habitats and biodiversity, increasing tree canopy, cooling urban centres, and supporting green jobs.

The Niagara Peninsula watershed is known as a natural wonder with many environmental assets and unique phenomena and is situated between two Great Lakes. It is the most biodiverse but also threatened ecoregion in all of Canada, part of the Carolinian Zone, and home to globally significant ecosystems, 40 per cent of Canada’s species, and more than 150 species at risk. However, the landscape currently only contributes an estimated 56 per cent of the minimum required for healthy and viable ecosystems.

One of the earliest conservation efforts to help mitigate watershed-scale problems such as erosion, flooding, and decades of poor land and water, was planting trees to restore forests. Restoration efforts have since progressed to understand that involving communities leads to better outcomes and helps shape perspectives on caring for the environment.

The NPTPP’s new Trees For All initiative for the Niagara Peninsula watershed will engage private landowners from Niagara, Haldimand, and Hamilton, to build the capacity necessary to participate in the Government of Canada’s national tree program, and collectively deliver a local, long-term tree planting plan for impactful and measured results.

The goal today is simple. Private landowners are encouraged to express their interest and register their property for potential consideration in future tree plantings. This first data-gathering phase solely aims to gauge landowner interest to help shape the future of the Trees For All program, with no obligation.

“The opportunity to implement nature-based climate solutions towards enhancing our unique forest and urban tree canopy with support from the Government of Canada is significant,” says Chandra Sharma, Chief Administrative Officer at NPCA. “The Trees For All initiative will help strengthen our existing commitments to enhance natural areas and address climate impacts in the Niagara Peninsula watershed. Because so much land is privately owned, future large-scale reforestation projects will incentivize landowners to participate in tree-plantings.”

Private landowners are asked to visit Get Involved NPCA portal to learn more and proceed with registration. This portal is home to important documents for interested participants, a project timeline on this exciting initiative, a confidential mapping tool to register interest and pin locations, and great online engagement tools to provide feedback and share stories and ideas.

For more information about the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, visit Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

Notice of Conveyance for Property Disposition Purposes

TAKE NOTICE that the Corporation of Haldimand County proposes to pass a bylaw at an upcoming Council meeting on January 25, 2023, to authorize the sale of property legally known as PIN # 38122-0372(LT) BLOCK 3, PLAN 18M41; TOGETHER WITH AN EASEMENT OVER PT 4 18R6834 AS IN HC169733; AND PART OF PIN # 38122-0372, PART 1 OF PART OF BLOCK 2, PLAN 18M41; AS IN 18R-8058; HALDIMAND COUNTY. You may submit any comments up to and including January 25, 2023.

View map of subject lands

For further information regarding the disposition of these properties, please contact Melissa Lloyd, Property Coordinator at 905-318-5932 ext.6124.


Notice of Commencement: Caledonia Wastewater Treatment Plant Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

Haldimand County is undertaking a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to determine the preferred wastewater treatment alternative to increase wastewater treatment capacity for Caledonia.


In December 2020, a Draft Wastewater Master Servicing Plan (MSP) Update was undertaken which updated the wastewater servicing components of the 2006 Caledonia MSP. The Draft MSP Update reflected updated land use and growth forecasts in the study area. As part of the MSP Update, near-term and future wastewater treatment needs were identified and wastewater treatment alternatives were evaluated to address projected treatment capacity constraints.


In early 2022, Empire Communities proposed developing a new community at the Lake Erie Industrial Park (LEIP) in Nanticoke, ON, which includes a new proposed LEIP Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). As part of this Class EA process, the evaluation of treatment servicing alternatives from the MSP Update is being revisited to re-confirm the preferred wastewater treatment alternative, including adding a new alternative to pump wastewater flows from Caledonia to Nanticoke for treatment at the proposed LEIP WWTP. The goal of the updated evaluation is to re-evaluate treatment alternatives based on updated growth projections in Caledonia and evaluate the new alternative under the Municipal Class EA process.


This study is being completed as a Schedule C Municipal Class EA. Public, agency and rightsholders consultation is a key element of the process and input will be sought throughout
the Class EA process. Based on the previously completed work, the next step in the Class EA process is re-evaluating and selecting the preferred wastewater treatment alternative. As part
of the Class EA, studies of the area archeology, cultural heritage, and ecology will be undertaken to assist with evaluating alternative design concepts for the preferred alternative.


A mailing list for notification of study status and opportunities for public input is being compiled. If you wish to add your contact information to the study mailing list, or if you have any questions regarding the study, please contact one of the people listed below. Project information will also be available to the public on the County’s website
on the “Caledonia Wastewater Treatment Plant Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment” page (opens in web browser).


Jane Wilson, P.Eng.
Senior Environmental Engineer
J.L. Richards & Associates Limited
107-450 Speedvale Ave W
Guelph, ON N1H 7Y6
Phone: 226-780-7487

Philip Wilson, C.E.T., PMP
Manager – Water and Wastewater Engineering
Haldimand County Administration Building
53 Thorburn St. S.
Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0
Phone: 905-318-5932 Ext. 6431

Haldimand County is conducting this study according to the requirements of Phases 1 to 4 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment which is an approved process under the Environmental Assessment Act.

Haldimand County will collect information in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Except for personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. If you have any accessibility requirements to participate in this project, please contact a Project Team member listed above.


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