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Sign Bylaw 1064/10 regulates private and public signs placed on lands, buildings and other structures within Haldimand County.

Compliance with Sign By-Law 1064/10 does not relieve a property owner from complying with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, or any federal, provincial or municipal legislation.

No person shall erect, keep, or maintain a sign on any premises unless a permit is obtained from the County’s Building Division prior to the erection or display of the sign.

Why is a Sign Permit Required?

  • To address aesthetics, lighting and safety (e.g. traffic, pedestrian and structural components)
  • To ensure signs are constructed and installed addressing visibility aspects and structural failure due to weather and age

When is a Sign Permit Required?

  • Construction of a new sign and/or alterations of an existing sign, or its structure (including replacement).
  • Please refer to The Building Permit Process for more information on obtaining a permit.

Signs With Specific Regulations (see Section 9 of Sign Bylaw 1064/10)

  • Banner Signs
  • Billboard Signs
  • Community Event Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Electronic Message Board Signs
  • Inflatable Signs
  • Mobile Signs
  • Off-Site Directional Signs
  • Portable Signs
  • Poster Signs
  • Projecting Signs
  • Promotional Development Signs
  • Promotional Development Direction Signs
  • Wall Signs

Signs That Do Not Require a Sign Permit (see Section 4.15 of Sign Bylaw 1064/10)

  • Community Event Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Home Occupation/Industry Signs
  • Off-Site Direction Signs
  • Personal Signs
  • Portable Signs
  • Promotional Development Direction Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Real Estate Open House Direction Signs
  • Signs Advertising the Sale of Seasonal Farm Produce
  • Signs Having a Sign Area Less than 650 square centimetres (100 square inches)
  • Window Signs

Signs That Are Exempt from the Sign Bylaw (see Section 4.16 of Sign Bylaw 1064/10)

  • Barn Signs
  • Commemorative Plaques or Cornerstones (that do not advertise)
  • Flags/Emblems (for patriotic, civic, educational or religious organizations)
  • Murals (that do not advertise)
  • Public Safety Signs
  • Public Use Signs (including signs required by and approved by the County, or signs erected or displayed or in connection with an activity conducted by the County)
  • Signs Containing Advertising Copies (that are erected on premises owned by public authorities and used for sports and recreation or for community events)
  • Signs Erected at Farmers’ Markets (operated by the County or non-profit agricultural societies)
  • Signs Erected by Non-Profit Agricultural Societies (for an event or fair that it operates)
  • Temporary Signs Associated With Sidewalk Sales (operated within Business Improvement Areas or by Merchants Associations)

A sign found in contravention of any provision of Sign By-Law 1064/10 may be removed by the Inspector, or any person directed by him/her, immediately and without notice, and such sign may be disposed of or impounded at the discretion of the Inspector.

If you do not see your sign on the lists located above and are still unsure if your sign requires a Sign Permit, please contact a Building Inspector located in a Building Division office in your area.

What can be done regarding signs that are too close to the road and/or blocking the sidewalk?

Haldimand County has Sign Bylaw 1064/10 that regulates where signs can be erected on buildings, private and public property. If you would like to make a complaint or inquiry regarding a sign, please contact Bylaw Enforcement staff or submit a complaint/inquiry form online.

Make a Complaint or Inquiry Regarding Signage

If you would like to make a complaint or an inquiry regarding signage, please contact a Bylaw Enforcement Officer located in your Enforcement Area at 905-318-5932 or submit the online complaint/inquiry form below.