New Haldimand County Administration Building opening February 25, 2020

Construction on Haldimand County’s new administration building is wrapping up and the new building will be open to the public for full service on February 25, 2020. Staff from the County’s satellite offices will be permanently relocated to the new Haldimand County Administration Building at 53 Thorburn St. S in Cayuga during the month of February. Satellite offices across Haldimand will close on the dates listed in the chart below. We look forward to serving you there!

Office relocation details 

OfficeRelocation details
Haldimand County Caledonia Centre Administration Office
100 Haddington St., Caledonia
HCCC administration office will close at 12pm on Friday, February 7, 2020
Dunnville Satellite Office
117 Forest St. E., Dunnville
The Dunnville Satellite Office will close at 12pm on Friday, February 21, 2020
Caledonia Satellite Office
282 Argyle St. S., Caledonia
The Caledonia Satellite Office will close at 12pm on Friday, February 21, 2020
Kohler Garage / Office
1162 Kohler Rd., Cayuga
The Kohler Office will close at 12pm on Friday, February 21, 2020
Hagersville Satellite Office
1 Main St. S., Hagersville
The Hagersville Satellite Office will close at 12pm on Friday, February 21, 2020
Cayuga Administration Building
45 Munsee St. N., Cayuga
The Cayuga Administration Building will close at 4:30pm on Thursday, February 27, 2020


Other key dates & information

  • Starting February 21, ‘myHaldimand’ or ‘myHC’ community hubs will also be open for use at all local libraries. ‘myHC’ community hubs are computer and information stations designed to connect residents with County news, information and access to online services. For residents who are not familiar with online services offered, such as paying taxes or water bills online, library staff will be available to provide guidance on how to utilize them. Additional 24/7 online services (such as applications for certain permits) will be introduced in the near future.
  • All administrative offices, with the exception of the existing Cayuga Administration Building (45 Munsee St. N., Cayuga), will be permanently closed as of Friday, February 21 at 12pm. Residents who require in-person service between Friday, February 21 at 12pm and Tuesday, February 25 at 8:30am may visit the old Cayuga Administration Building.
  • The first Council in Committee meeting in the new Haldimand County Administration Building is expected to be held on Tuesday, March 31.
  • Court will begin operating in the new building as of Wednesday, March 4.
  • In order to complete the move & configuration of IT infrastructure to the new building, a brief e-mail, phone, network and County website outage will occur on Friday, January 31 at 4:30pm for approximately 24 hours. Though County administration will be closed during this outage period, libraries and Grandview Lodge will be affected. Residents who need to contact their local branch will need to visit in-person during this brief outage. Grandview Lodge staff will have an emergency phone available in case there is a need to contact or update family of a resident’s condition.
  • Service enhancements that residents and contractors will experience immediately in the new administration building will be the provision of full day permit application intake, general inquires and building inspections (Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm). Other service enhancements will be implemented over time as new technologies are implemented. Inspection requests can be made by calling 905-318-5932 or emailing As of February 25, building inspections received prior to 3:00 pm will be scheduled for the next business day.

    You can learn more about the new Haldimand County Administration Building and centralized service delivery model at Or, contact 905-318-5932 / e-mail for more information.

Haldimand County Paramedic Services offering community flu vaccine clinics

In late 2019, Haldimand County received $5,910 in funding from the Hamilton Norfolk Haldimand Brant Emergency Services Steering Committee (HNHB ESSC) to host influenza vaccination clinics across the community. There will be two upcoming days to receive your vaccine. Tuesday January 28, 2020 from 10am to 12pm at Brantwood Villa (1 Robert Dell Court, Cayuga) then from 12:30pm to 3pm at the Cayuga Administration Building, Lower drop in room. Next one is Thursday January 30, 2020 from 10am to 3pm at 503 Main St E Dunnville. Vaccinations are free, and no appointment is required.

Local influenza vaccine clinics are funded through the HNHB ESSC using funds from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The goal of the clinics is to enhance access to influenza vaccines for vulnerable residents and individuals with limiting medical issues.

Vaccinations will be administered by a Haldimand County Community Paramedic. Residents who wish to attend and receive a vaccination may do so on a walk-in basis during the clinic hours. While vaccinations are free, residents must provide a valid Ontario Health Card.

Additional vaccine clinic times and locations will be announced shortly at

Flooding Hazards & Preparedness Measures resources

Presentation slides from the Flooding Hazards & Preparedness Measures Public Education Centre are available below, as well as other resource materials provided at the December 2 event. This information is also available at

Documents & resources

1. Public Education Centre presentation slides

2. Storm & flood contact information for residents – information sheet

3. Preparing For Flooding – a guide for property owners

4. Emergency flooding handout

5. Emergency power outage handout

6. Insurance for disasters handout

7. Lake Erie Flood Zone Property Lookup Tool



Lake Erie conditions statement – high lake level outlook 

This message is to provide an update on the elevated potential for lakeshore flooding and erosion along the Lake Erie shoreline. Water levels remain well above average in all of the Great Lakes. As of October 10, Lake Erie’s level was 68 cm above the long-term average for this time of the year.

While the lake’s level has decreased over recent months, there remains a heightened risk of shoreline flooding, beach submersion, crawl space and septic system inundation, and wave-driven erosion due to these record-high static levels on Lake Erie. This risk is expected to remain in place through the fall.

Local police and Haldimand County flood co-ordinators are advised that there is higher than normal potential for shoreline flooding and shore erosion through late 2019. The public is reminded to exercise caution around the shoreline, as well as nearby rivers and streams. Private land owners should prepare their properties as best as possible, and monitor shoreline erosion works on their properties. The higher than normal lake level coupled with wave action can impact and cause failure of shoreline erosion works.

Lake conditions and forecasts are being monitored closely and flood messages will be issued as necessary based on Lake level forecasts.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Updated Provincial Flood Watch

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry updated a Provincial Flood Watch for Lake Erie based on high static lake level on October 8, 2019, which indicates:

  • Great Lakes water levels remain well above average with most continuing at or near record highs.
  • Lake Erie’s September monthly mean level was 69 cm above average, a new record high for the month.
  • Lake Erie fell 12 cm last month, which is more than its average September decline of 9 cm.

More information