Trees & Forest Conservation

If you’re looking for information about Trees & Forest Conservation, this is the place to find it.   For any of your tree related needs, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab below or contact our Forestry division.

Forestry Services – Haldimand County Caledonia Centre
3-100 Haddington Street, Caledonia ON N3W 2N4
Phone: (905) 318-5932, Ext. 6512 (Project Manager, Forestry)
Fax: (905) 765-5716

Who do I contact for pruning or removal of a public tree in the right-of-way?

Please contact our Forestry division.  A Certified Arborist will inspect the tree and will provide recommendations regarding any required tree maintenance.  Applicants will be notified with the results of the inspection and if any maintenance will be scheduled for the tree.

How do I know if the tree in front of my house is on public property or private property?

Please contact our Forestry division and staff will inspect the tree to determine if your tree is on public or private property.

Can I trim or remove the public tree in front of my house?

No, only Haldimand County staff and Certified Arborists hired by Haldimand County can perform maintenance on public trees.  If you have a concern with a public tree, please contact our Forestry division.

My neighbour has a private tree that is causing problems for us. Can the County do anything about it?

No, this is a civil matter between yourself and neighbouring parties.

The public tree in front of my house has a bee/wasp/hornet nest in it.  Will the County remove it?

Please contact our Forestry division to request an inspection.  As these insects are beneficial to our ecosystem, staff will determine if the nest threatens public safety and arrange for removal if required.

What do the signs/markings on public trees mean?

A public tree that has been scheduled for removal by Haldimand County will be posted with a yellow notice sign and/or orange paint.  A public tree that is scheduled for pruning maintenance by Haldimand County will be posted with a blue notice sign and/or blue paint.

Other companies such as Hydro One may mark public trees for their maintenance operations.  Also public trees may have the signs moved or vandalized or other marks may be added to the tree, so just because a tree is marked, it doesn’t always mean that Haldimand County will be performing maintenance on the tree.  If you have a specific inquiry about a tree, please contact our Forestry division.

Who do I call to get a public tree inspected?

Please contact our Forestry division.  A Certified Arborist will inspect the tree and will provide recommendations for required tree maintenance.  You will be contacted with the inspection results including any maintenance to be scheduled for the tree.

Do I need a permit to cut trees in my woodland?  Who do I call if I have a concern or question about woodlands being cleared on private property?

Woodlands are regulated by the Forest Conservation By-law and depending on the type of harvest, a Notice of Intent application must be submitted to Haldimand County prior to the removal or clearing of trees.  Please contact our Forestry division for more information or if you see any clearing of  woodlands.

When will the public tree on my boulevard be pruned or removed?

To date, Haldimand County has documented over 18,000 public trees along Haldimand County roads, in parks and cemeteries.  It takes time to complete all of the work required for such a large population of trees.  To ensure that the tree maintenance in Haldimand County is completed efficiently, once a tree has been recommended for maintenance by a Certified Arborist, a work order is generated and the tree maintenance is done on a priority basis that is evaluated based on the condition, location and risk the tree presents to public health and safety.

A public tree was cut down in the boulevard, when will the stump be removed?

Generally, the stump is cleaned up shortly after the tree has been removed.  However, tree removals that are done during the winter season may have the stump removal completed in the early spring once the snow has melted and the ground has thawed.

Why won’t the County cut down the tree in the boulevard?

Trees provide many important benefits for the community.  To maintain these community benefits, only public trees that have been inspected and approved by a Certified Arborist will be removed.

Can I get a tree planted in the boulevard?

Yes!  Haldimand County will plant a tree on the publicly owned boulevard in front or beside your house as long as there is suitable space based on Haldimand County planting standards.

What types of trees will Haldimand County plant on the boulevard and do I get to choose which species of tree will be planted?

Haldimand County has a list of approved street tree species suitable for the challenging growing conditions found in boulevards.  Forestry staff will meet with you at your property to assess the conditions and make recommendations on the best tree for the boulevard.  Tree species that are not suitable will not be planted.  Please contact our Forestry division to request a tree.

Can I plant my own tree on the boulevard?

No, only Haldimand County staff and contractors hired by Haldimand County can plant trees on public boulevards.  You can plant your own tree in front of your house as long as it is planted on your private property.

What if there isn’t space to plant a tree, can I still have one planted on my property?

Haldimand County will only plant trees on public property based on our planting standards.  These standards ensure that the growth of the tree will not affect public safety or other infrastructure.  If there isn’t enough space on the boulevard in front of your house, the tree will be planted at another suitable location on public property.

In 2016, Haldimand County adopted a Forest Strategy and Management Plan.

This plan outlines the vision and strategy for managing the County’s urban forests.  It explains what needs to be done and how the County plans to effectively manage and protect these forests for the benefit of the community and its residents.

To find out more about the Forest Strategy and Management Plan for Haldimand County, please see the links below:

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