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Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan

The Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan (RBTCIP) is an innovative approach to supporting the local economy by focusing on value-added Agriculture and Tourism related businesses.

For complete program details download the Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan brochure or the entire Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan.

Eligibility is restricted to these types of businesses and uses:

Value-added Agriculture

Grants for value-added agriculture related activities such as the creation of: on-farm retailing, small scale processing, and agri-tourism activities.

Businesses Operating in Hamlets

Facade, landscape, and signage improvement grants are available to commercial properties in all designated hamlets (see Schedule C of the Haldimand County Official Plan). Building Restoration, Renovation and Improvement grants are available for the conversion of vacant space for use as a restaurant, market, or place of assembly related to arts, culture, or recreation.

Commercial Roofed Accommodations

Defined as a year-round, permanent fixed roof accommodations including hotels/motels/Bed and Breakfasts; does not include camp grounds, cottage rentals or trailer parks.

Heritage Designated Properties with a Commercial Use

Grant for preservation of heritage elements.

Steps to Apply to the Program

  1. Confirm that your project is eligible with Haldimand County Economic Development staff.
  2. Download the RBTCIP Application Form and Instruction Package or complete the online form.
  3. Gather materials required to complete the application. Depending on the project and scope, this could include two quotes for all work being proposed, site plans, construction drawings, and photographs of the existing property.
  4. Submit the application to Haldimand County Economic Development and Tourism.
  5. Depending on the grant value, a staff report regarding your application will be submitted to Haldimand County Council for approval.

Economic Development & Tourism Division
Phone: 905-318-5932 Ext. 6315