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Arenas and Walking Tracks

Haldimand County is home to arenas in Caledonia (twin pad), Cayuga, Dunnville and Hagersville. Haldimand Arena’s are very active and offer a variety of programming. Community groups offer programs which include Junior B and C hockey, minor hockey, figure skating, ringette, curling and ball hockey/lacrosse seasonally.

Haldimand County offers a variety of FREE public arena programs seasonally which include Public Skating, Shinny, Preschool Skates and Open Figure Skating. Arena facilities including the ice are available for rent from the public.

Arena Programs

All Arena Ice Programs Are Free, No Registration Required. Users are required to review and adhere to arena program rules and program descriptions provided below. For questions related to arena programming please contact us at

** Program dates and times are subject to change, click here or on the boxes below to view up to date arena program schedules.

Public Skate

This free drop-in program is open to all skaters, general arena rules apply. Wearing a CSA-approved helmet is strongly recommended. For safety reasons please skate with the flow of other skaters. The use of skating aids is not permitted for this program.

Childs Hockey Skate

This is an opportunity for children to develop hockey skills. Please note that hockey sticks will be permitted on the ice surface for this program. This skating session is for children up to and in Grade 3.

  • All participants must be in skates
  • All participants must be supervised by a parent/guardian on the ice
  • Wearing CSA-approved helmets is mandatory
  • Facemasks are mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age
  • It is recommended that all participants wear full hockey equipment

Adult Skate

This is an opportunity for lap skating and is open to those 18 years and older. Wearing CSA-approved helmets is strongly recommended.


This is an opportunity to participate in self-organized, non-contact hockey. Wearing a CSA-approved helmet is mandatory. Facemasks are mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age.

  • Adult Shinny – Open to participants 18 years and older;
  • Teen Shinny – Open to participants in Grade 9 to 17 years old;
  • Youth Shinny – Open to participants in Grades 4 to 8.

Open Figure Skate

Open to all figure skaters who are currently in, or have previously participated in, Skate Canada’s STARskate program. All skaters will be expected to be aware of others on the ice and maintain a safe environment for all. Wearing a CSA-approved helmet is strongly recommended.

Preschool Skate

This is an opportunity for adults to teach children how to skate. This skating session is for children up to and including Grade 3.

  • All participants must be on skates
  • All children must be supervised by a parent/guardian on the ice
  • Wearing a CSA-approved helmet is strongly recommended
  • Skating aids are permitted for this program
  • No hockey sticks or figure skating allowed
  • Chairs, sleds, strollers, and pylons are not permitted on the ice surface

These guidelines apply to all skating programs.

  1. All participants – must respect and abide by posted signs and cooperate with arena staff. Rules are modelled after Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. Public Skating Guidelines (Sept. 2018).
  2. Parents/Guardians – must be within sight and control of their children. Do not leave children unattended.
  3. Food & Beverage Consumption – is permitted in the arena lobby and spectator seating area only.
  4. Games, Hockey Games, and Hockey Sticks – no games are to be played at any time that will endanger the safety and the enjoyment of others. This includes horseplay, hockey games, and the use of hockey sticks.
  5. Keeping pace – maintain reasonable control of your speed, course and direction. Do not skate in groups. Do not stop where you obstruct other skaters. Accept responsibility for knowing the range of your ability while on skates; skate within the limit of that ability and as appropriate to the session in which you’re skating.
  6. Shoes – ice skates required, no street shoes on ice.
  7. Skating Aids – only permitted during the pre-school skate.
  8. Wheelchair Sledges – wheelchairs and sledges are welcome. Individuals using these devices must travel in the same direction as other skaters. Attendants/helpers are welcome to assist however, they must wear skates or ice cleats on the ice surface.
  9. Use of Helmets – helmets are strongly recommended.
  10. Technology – headsets, cell phones, cameras, or other handheld electronic devices are not to be used while skating.
  11. Carrying of infants/children – children must not be carried by any means (e.g. on shoulders, in arms, or any carrier, etc.) while on the ice.
  12. Sitting on Boards – patrons may not sit on the rink boards at any time.
  13. Figure Skating – figure skating manoeuvers are only permitted during open figure skate.
  14. Chars, Sleds, Strollers and Pylons – are not permitted on the ice surface.

Walking Tracks

Haldimand County has three indoor Walking Tracks. The Walking Tracks are located within the Caledonia, Cayuga and Dunnville Arena’s. There is no preregistration to utilize the tracks and access is FREE.  Hours of operation are provided below but are dependent on Season as well as Arena Bookings and Facility Closures. Walking tracks will be closed during Junior and Senior AA Games.

Walking Tracks are for Recreational use only and cannot be rented. Users must be courteous of others while using the track and follow the Walking Track rules provided below.

     Walking track hours of operations;

    • Fall/Winter : 8 am daily until arena close.
      • October 1st – March 31st.
      • Please note that facility closure times vary and are dependent upon the daily arena bookings.
    • Spring/ Summer: 8 am – 12:00 pm Monday to Friday.
      • April 1st – September 30th.
      • Additional hours may be available in May dependent on Arena bookings.
  1. The walking track is for recreational users only.
  2. No spectators are permitted on the track,
  3. The walking track is available for use when the arena is open except when otherwise posted by Haldimand County.
  4. Only clean walking and running shoes are to be worn on the walking track.
  5. Walkers, joggers and runners share the same track, please be considerate to all track users.
  6. All individuals must travel in the same direction and pass on the left. Slower users (including those with walkers or strollers) stay on the right.
  7. Please do not travel in groups larger than two across.
  8. No food or beverages will be permitted on the track.
  9. Exercise apparatus or sports equipment not related to track use (i.e. skipping ropes, medicine balls, floor mats, hockey equipment, etc.) are not permitted to be used in the track area.
  10. Children and youth teams using the track must be monitored by an adult.
  11. Music selection is at the discretion of the Haldimand County Staff.
  12. Haldimand County is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

These rules are for everyone’s safety and protection. Users shall adhere to the Public Conduct on Haldimand County Property Policy, anyone found in violation of these rules may be evicted from the facility and may be subject to prosecution.

Arena Facility Information

Rental Information *Note:  a minimum of three (3) business days are required to ensure that any booking can be made.

Ice & Room Availability*
*Please note actual availability may be impacted by pending requests, scheduling requirements and other factors, actual hours should be confirmed with the booking clerk prior to completing the rental application; contact

Community Groups may be eligible to have their events listed on digital signs located at Caledonia, Cayuga and Dunnville arenas. Apply by filling in the request form.

For Arena Board Advertising, contact

Arena Features & Locations

An image of the Haldimand County Caledonia Centre

Haldimand County Caledonia Centre
100 Haddington Street
Caledonia, Ontario
Canada, N3W 2N4

Arena Office
(905) 318-5932, ext. 6514

Haldimand County Caledonia Centre Features:

  • Two NHL size ice pads:
    • The Clark Rink has seating for 1500
    • The Almas Rink has seating for 300
  • Indoor walking track
  • Remax Room
  • Concession stand
  • Wheelchair accessibility
An image of the Cayuga Memorial Arena

Cayuga Memorial Arena
55 Thorburn Street South
Cayuga, Ontario
Canada, N0A 1E0

Arena Office
(905) 772-5711

Cayuga Memorial Arena Features:

  • An NHL size ice pad with seating for 474
  • An elevated walking track
  • An upper-level meeting/common viewing room with kitchen
  • Ground floor concession
  • Wheelchair accessibility
An image of the Dunnville Memorial Arena & Community Lifespan Centre

Dunnville Memorial Arena 
275 Ramsey Drive
Dunnville, Ontario
Canada, N1A 0A7

Arena Office
(905) 774-8480

Dunnville Memorial Arena:

An image of the Hagarsville Arena

Hagersville Arena
36 Sherring Street North
Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
N0A 1H0

Arena Office
(905) 768-5123

Hagersville Arena Features:

  • A single ice pad with heated spectator seating
  • The Almas Room suitable for meetings and small gatherings
  • Wheelchair accessibility