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Community Partnerships

Partnerships are an effective way to support community groups and the County in achieving community goals. Currently, the County offers four community funding streams: Capital Projects Program (CPP), Community Beautification (CB), Community Halls, and Fields & Parks Management Program (FPM).

Community Partnerships include a policy and processes which help the County identify and prioritize appropriate partnerships. The process offers a single entry point into the County for proposals from groups and/or organizations, and ensures a fair and consistent approach to reviewing, assessing, and approving community proposals. Only proposals for projects taking place on County-owned property will be considered. Refer to the Community Partnership Program Policy for more details.

Eligible applicants include:

  • a community-based Board of Directors on behalf of a not-for-profit, incorporated group/organization; or,
  • an established community association or private sector business or organization in conjunction with a not-for-profit organization as the lead on the proposal.

Are you a Community Group/Organization?

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Capital Projects Program (CPP) Fund

Community Capital Projects are those initiatives which are new and/or intended to enhance/replace an existing asset which is located on County land. All community-led projects proposed to take place on County-owned land—whether or not they require County/other funding or are 100% funded by the applicant—must be reviewed and approved through the Staff Review Team process.

Community Beautification Fund

$60,000 is available annually to support community beautification projects on Haldimand County-owned property. The funding is provided in recognition of the importance of beautification to the vitality of any community, as well as the sense of pride and quality of life it fosters for residents and visitors to the County. Showcasing our communities supports business attraction and retention, and leads to potential new tourism and economic development opportunities.

Groups may apply for beautification funding of up to 50% of the total cost of the proposed project to a maximum of $4,000. Interested organizations/groups are encouraged to make submissions to the Community Beautification program each year due in August.

Please read all conditions and requirements contained in the guidelines prior to completing the Community Beautification application.

Review the Community Beautification Guidelines here!

To apply, please reach out to us today by emailing!

Community Halls and Fields & Parks Management (FPM)

Volunteers are a tremendous asset within Haldimand County, and the County is fortunate to have operating agreements with many community groups to oversee the day-to-day management of many Community Halls and Fields throughout the region.