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Household Hazardous Waste Information

Event day in Hagersville will be held on October 16, 2021 from 9 am to 1 pm at Hagersville Secondary School.

The following COVID safety protocols will be in place:

  • Residents will not be permitted to exit their vehicles.
  • Residents must have their waste (both MHSW and/or electronics) in the rear of their vehicle (hatch, bed or trunk) prior to arriving at the event day property. In order to maintain physical distancing, event day contractors and/or County staff will not access waste from the interior seating areas of the vehicle (i.e. passenger seat or back seat). Vehicles that arrive with waste in the interior seating areas will not be unloaded.
  • Residents must be able to unlock the vehicle trunk/hatch from inside their vehicle as they will not be allowed to exit the vehicle to facilitate access.
  • Sharps will not be collected at this Event. Visit to find the nearest participating pharmacy for more information with regard to Sharps collection program.


Just a reminder that there will be no curbside collection on the Thanksgiving Holiday Monday, October 11th.  Collection will be postponed by one day this week.

Regular collection will resume as of Monday, October 18th.

Canborough Waste Management Facility will be closed on the Thanksgiving Monday.

Meet at the Curb at 7am

Some collections routes have been adjusted

Friendly reminder to have your garbage and recycling to the curb by 7AM as regular pick-up times may change.

garbage and recycling curbside set-out

Please refer to the 2021/2022 Waste & Recycling Guide for information on recycling, curbside collection days and other waste disposal programs.

Find information on curbside garbage & recycling collection programs, the Canborough Waste Management Facility, closed landfills and other garbage & recycling programs offered.

Check out our garbage & recycling tool below or download the app on your mobile device. Discover how to dispose of an item by using the “What Goes Where” search tool. Or try searching by your address to find your collection schedule.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Programs

Garbage and recycling at the curb
  • Curbside garbage & recycling collection
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  • Bulky item collection
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Canborough Waste Management Facility

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  • Excess garbage and recycling
  • Other drop-off programs (electronics, tires, metal, construction materials and more)
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Other Garbage & Recycling Programs

Household hazardous waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Battery drop-off depots
  • Composting
  • Do you need a composter?
  • Grasscycling
  • Used sharps and expired medications return
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  • List of sites and locations
  • Open/Closure dates
  • Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) numbers

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