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Seasonal Sidewalk and On-Street Patio Program

Haldimand County’s Seasonal Sidewalk and On-Street Patio Program allow local businesses to open a seasonal patio on the sidewalk or an on-street parking area in front of their business.

In addition to the Seasonal Sidewalk and On-Street Patio program on public property, Haldimand County will also be extending the temporary private patio programs that were established in 2020 to support the restaurant sector through COVID-19 restrictions. Both programs will run from March 15, 2022, to January 1, 2023. The private patio program permits establishments to open a temporary seasonal patio on private property without proceeding through the planning approval process.

The Private Patio Application can be found HERE.

The Public Patio Applications can be found HERE.

Eligible establishments include restaurants, taverns and other eating and drinking establishments, as well as micro-breweries. The application  process will be administered by the Haldimand County Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) Division. Prior to submission, applicants are encouraged to contact EDT staff to review their application at 905-318-5932 ext. 6315 or

On-street Patio downtown Dunnville
On-street Patio downtown Dunnville

Haldimand County is growing the local economy and contributing to ongoing community vibrancy with the establishment of this program. This program is intended to be flexible in granting permission to commercial establishments for the use of County Property for seasonal patios. The program will consider various types of patios that make use of sidewalks (or other municipal property that isn’t the traveled portion of a roadway including alleyways) as well the use of parking spots. It is intended that seasonal patios on municipal property will be granted for establishments located in the defined downtown areas and community improvement project areas. Commercial areas and hamlets can also be considered.