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Learn what Haldimand has to offer through our libraries, museums, recycling programs and more!

Will you be prepared if an emergency happens?

Haldimand County’s Emergency Preparedness Guide will help assist you with your family’s emergency planning. Please take some time to review the guide and learn what you need to do to prepare for potential emergencies.

Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit

  • HNHU offers programs on food safety, parenting and much more.

Haldimand Norfolk Social Services

  • Become job ready or check out career training programs.
  • See what programs  we have for children, parents and other caregivers.

Housing Services

  • Want to buy your own home or renovate the one you have? There are programs available to help low income earners achieve their home ownership goals.

Haldimand County Public Libraries offer a number of events, programs and online learning opportunities for all ages throughout the year!


Adult programs at Haldimand County Public Library offer a variety of opportunities to learn, try or make something new and meet with like-minded community members. See what programs we have at your local branch!

From babies to teens, the library has a program for you – check out the full program listing!

Online Resources

From learning a new language to car repair and small business help, your library has an online resource that can help!

All Haldimand County Public Library cardholders have access to Gale Courses: highly interactive, instructor-led online courses focused on professional development, technology skills, and personal enrichment. Learn something new today and check out the course listings!

Members of the public may access the Service Ontario online service centre on the library’s public computers. The online service centre allows you to renew your license plate sticker, register your business, apply for a hunting license and other provincially-regulated activities.

Haldimand County is home to many museums that provide information about our area’s rich history through exhibits and unique interactive programs. Stop by and see what our museums have in store!

Events and Workshops

A full listing of museum programs and events is available through our registration system – ActiveNET.

Educational Resources

Haldimand Museums have numerous educational programs available!

In the summer months, Haldimand County offers a number of programs related to lifesaving and water safety.

  • Life saving programs – Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross – the beginning steps in obtaining a National Lifeguard Certification.
  • Advanced Leadership – includes Wading Pool Attendant Certification, National Lifeguard re-certification, Aquatic Supervisor Training and more.
  • Swimming Lessons – Learn to Swim or Swim for Life Programs.
  • Swim to Survive – learn the minimum skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water, Elementary School opportunities available for Grades 3 and 7.

A full listing of summer lifesaving, water safety and aquatics programs is available through our program registration system – ActiveNET.

Haldimand County runs numerous household waste and recycling programs aimed at reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. Take a few minutes to learn more about these programs!

The handy RecycleCoach app is also available for free to Android and Apple users. The app provides information on garbage and recycling collection schedules, waste dropoff events, weather delays/cancellations and more. It even has a ‘What Goes Where?’ tool that will help you figure out whether your item goes in the blue box, black box or trash.