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Garbage & Recycling Collection Programs

Meet at the Curb at 7am

Some collections routes have been adjusted

Friendly reminder to have your garbage and recycling to the curb by 7AM as regular pick-up times may change.

Check out this schedule or search for your address here and select “View Schedule” to determine your garbage and recycling collection schedule.

Please note that in order to schedule a bulky item collection you must call Norfolk Disposal Services at 1-800-616-0347.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling is changing as of January 1, 2024!

From July 2023 to the end of December 2025, all municipalities in Ontario will transition their blue box program to a new collection model. Under the new model, the companies that produce blue box materials will be required to fully fund and operate the recycling system.

In Haldimand County, the transition to a new recycling collector will occur in January 2024.

As a result of this change, Haldimand County will no longer be providing black or blue boxes. Residents can use clear or blue bags for recycling or purchase a recycling bin from a retailer. Please note, bagged fibers and containers will still be required to be separated.

Once the new recycling collector for Haldimand County has been announced, we will post their contact information for residents to get new boxes.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Tips:

  • Collection occurs weekly
  • Set out all materials by 7 a.m. to ensure they are collected
  • Maximum weight 18 kg (40 lbs) per recycling or garbage container
  • Please do not place your materials behind a vehicle, snowbank, or other obstruction
garbage and recycling curbside set-out

Recycling Collection Program Details:

  • We offer a two box program – use one for papers and one for containers
  • No set-out limits for residential
  • Institutional, Commercial and Industrial limits:
    • up to six boxes/totes and six bundles of cardboard
  • Find out if an item is recyclable or what box to place a recyclable material in by using the What Goes Where search tool
  • Please rinse out your containers
  • Bundle your plastic bags and place them in your paper box

Garbage Collection Program Details:

  • Maximum 3 cans/bags per household or 10 bags/cans per business or group home
  • Please ensure glass is contained in a box and labelled appropriately


You may have received an Oops! sticker on your garbage bag/bin or black/blue box. Here are some steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again:

  • Have a look at the sticker to find out why this has happened
  • Correct the problem
  • Place materials out the following week!
Oops! recycling sticker
Oops sticker
leaf and yard waste

Leaf and yard waste curbside collection dates for urban areas are:

April 24 to May 27, 2023  and October 23 to December 1, 2023.

Leaf and yard waste can be disposed of at the Canborough Waste Management Facility , free of charge, year round for Haldimand County residents (non commercial).

Please note a tipping fee will apply for commercial disposal.

Collection Tips:

  • No limit on the amount of leaf and yard waste set out
  • Only paper yard waste bags (rolled shut) or open-top, reusable, rigid containers with the label “yard waste” may be used
  • Branches must be bundled no larger than 1.2 m x 0.75 m
  • Maximum weight of 18 kg (40 lbs) per container
  • Please set-out material no later than 7 a.m.
  • Learn about what goes in yard waste here

Do I live within an “urban area”?

If you live within the areas outlined in the following maps, then you will receive leaf and yard waste collection during the time periods specified in the Garbage & Recycling Schedule.







leaf and yard waste set-out

How to book a bulky item collection

  • Residents may call Norfolk Disposal Services at 1-800-616-0347 to schedule a bulky item collection.
  • You may schedule a maximum of two bulky item collections per year
  • You may set out up to six items per collection
bulky item set-out

Acceptable bulky items:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses/box springs
  • Carpeting/linoleum – must be tied into rolls measuring no longer than 1.2 m (4 ft), 30.5 cm (12 inch) in diameter
  • Each piece or bundles counts towards the six item limit
  • If you are wondering whether an item that isn’t listed here is part of the program, search for it here

Unacceptable bulky items:

Bulky item collection tips:

  • Once your collection is scheduled and you are given a collection date, ensure to have your materials placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m.
  • A two-person crew must be able to lift what you set out
  • Rather than disposing of your item and depending on the condition, try donating it to a friend or family member or re-use store

Bulky Item Collection Schedule

Open up the Bulky Item Collection Zones to determine what zone you’re in. You may also call Norfolk Disposal Services at 1-800-616-0347.  Requests must be in and confirmed by Norfolk Disposal staff no later than the Thursday before the next collection day.

January 2023 – March 2024  Collection Schedule:

JAN. 2JAN. 9JAN. 16JAN. 23
FEB. 6FEB. 13FEB. 21 (Tues.)FEB. 27
MAR. 6MAR. 13MAR. 20MAR. 27
APR. 3APR. 11 (Tues)APR. 17APR. 24
MAY 1MAY 8MAY 15MAY 23 (Tues.)
JUN. 5JUN. 12JUN. 19JUN. 26
JUL. 4 (Tues)JUL. 10JUL. 17JUL. 24
AUG. 8 (Tues.)AUG. 14AUG. 21AUG. 28
SEP. 5 (Tues.)SEP. 11SEP. 18SEP. 25
OCT. 3 (Tues)OCT. 10 (Tues.)OCT. 16OCT. 23
NOV. 6NOV. 13NOV. 20NOV. 27
DEC. 4DEC. 11DEC. 18DEC. 26 (Tues.)
JAN. 2 (Tues.)JAN. 8JAN. 15JAN. 22
FEB. 5FEB. 12FEB. 20 (Tues.)FEB. 26
MAR. 4MAR. 11MAR. 18MAR. 25
Norfolk Disposal Services

Haldimand County is providing Technical Guidelines For Waste Collection Services On Private Property to ensure that owners of townhouses, condominium complexes, multi-residential structures, trailer parks and privately owned roads within the County, are familiar with appropriate waste collection and waste storage systems.

The County is pleased to provide waste and recycling collection services to our residents, businesses and other property owners. However, in order to continue to provide safe and efficient service, the County requires that some minimum standards be met. This document provides the minimum requirements only and the County will work with existing properties or development projects to gain optimum efficiencies for both the property owners and the County. In addition to the requirements set out in this document, Municipal and County site plan requirements, Waste Collection By-law, Building and Fire Codes and any other applicable Regulations are also required.

Technical Guidelines for Waste Collection on Private Property

Fill out the forms required and return to the email listed below. We will contact you back to let you know if services will be provided to you and the details regarding your collection.

trash talking trish and tabitha

Have burning waste-related questions you’d like answered? Confused about plastics? Not sure what to do with Styrofoam?

E-mail your questions to and have them answered on social media/in The Haldimand Press by Trash Talking Trish & Tabitha!

Here’s what we have published to date:

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Recyclables contest entries
Winners of the Caledonia Fair Recycling Art Challenge 2023

Each year Haldimand County Environmental Operations sponsors a contest for the Caledonia Fair. In 2023 children in grades 5 through 8 were asked to take a basic cylindrical can from your blue box and design a freestanding, artistic looking robot, adding additional recycled items accepted within Haldimand County’s curbside collection program (i.e. metal, lids, paper, cardboard, containers etc.).

The students did a great job! Pictured above on the left are the entries received and on the right are the winners.