Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Do you have a strong desire to help others, and perform your work with courage and dedication? Volunteer firefighters play an essential role in keeping the county’s citizens safe. That’s why Haldimand County ensures all of our firefighters are expertly trained and properly equipped. If you want to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging opportunity, apply online or complete a PDF form to become a volunteer firefighter.

Haldimand County Emergency Services – Fire operates out of 11 stations strategically placed throughout the County. As a member of this dedicated team, you will:

  • Respond to firefighting and rescue operations
  • Operate and maintain fire apparatus and equipment, and
  • Participate in public relations and education

Apply to Become a Volunteer Firefighter

The process starts with the applicant submitting an application. Applications are reviewed and divided into service areas according to fire halls. For halls requiring recruits, the applications are forwarded to the District Chief for review. Applicants chosen will be contacted for an interview. After the interview process is complete, chosen applicants will be contacted to attend a physical abilities test.

If the applicant passes the physical abilities test, they will receive a conditional offer of employment with details of all the forms and medicals that need to be submitted. In early January, an orientation of new recruits with Emergency Services staff is held and then an approximate 7 month recruit training program will begin.  Recruits will be trained and certified to the NFPA Standards 1001 Firefighter Level I & II.

Being a Volunteer Fire Fighter offers one reward few other opportunities can match. Would you like to become one of our new recruits like these from last year? If so, apply! Download and complete a PDF application or apply online.