Bulk Water Depots

Haldimand County has bulk water depots in Dunnville, Hagersville and Jarvis.  The water depots provide 3 inch and 2 inch (Dunnville only) hose connections.  Bulk water account applications are available at the Haldimand County Administration Building located at 53 Thorburn Street South, Cayuga.  Please call Haldimand County at 905-318-5932 and speak with a Customer Service Representative for more information.  Please note applicants will be required to provide their Driver’s Licence information and pay an activation fee.

Bulk Water Depot Locations




Operational Best Practices

  • Haldimand County ensures the safety of the water supplied to the water depots.
  • Once the water leaves control of the County, risk and responsibility is assumed by the individual user.
  • All users are responsible for ensuring that the connection port remains clean for all users.
  • It is expected that private hoses, tanks and other equipment will not contaminate the site.
  • Tanks used for anything other than potable water are strictly prohibited.
  • Contamination of the site by any user may result in the loss of depot privileges. 

All users are reminded that Haldimand County will have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour, violence, indecency, or vandalism in its programs or on County properties and will take appropriate action where necessary to deal with these incidents per County Policy No. 2014-02 Public Conduct on Haldimand County Property.

Bulk Water Depot Applications can now be submitted electronically. Please see the form below.

Please note a valid drivers license is required to submit an application.

  • All active accounts will be charged a monthly administration fee as well as consumption used during the month at the bulk water rate.
  • All rates and fees are identified in the Water and Wastewater Fees and Services Charges By-law.
  • Volumes on statements are in cubic meters (m3).
  • 1 cubic meter = 1,000 litres, which is approximately 220 gallons.
  • Any bulk water accounts with no activity during the calendar year will automatically be deactivated on January 1st.
  • Any bulk water accounts that are not paid within 40 days of the invoice date, will be deactivated until the account is paid in full (interest included).
  • All overdue payments will be transferred to their property tax account after 60 days.
  • All water depot accounts deactivated for non payment will need to pay a reactivation fee.

The vehicle and operator numbers assigned to you are randomly matched together in our system.  Both numbers are required to access the system.  If someone gets your numbers, they will be able to obtain water and water charges will be applied to your account.  You are responsible for any and all water showing on your account.  Keep your vehicle and operator numbers confidential.

If you suspect someone is using your account, have any problems accessing or using a depot, or have additional questions or concerns, please call 905-318-5932, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.  An emergency after hours phone number is posted at the water depots.

Dunnville Hagersville and Jarvis fill lines 1, 2 and 3 all require a hose equipped with a 3 inch female Camlock fitting.

Dunnville has a hose equipped with a 2 inch female Camlock fitting for small volume water customers.

Depots utilize a touch key pad similar to a bank machine key pad.

Follow the below steps to obtain water, remember to wait until prompted to continue on to the next step:

  • Press “#”
  • Enter your 4 digit vehicle code number, then press “#”
  • Enter you 4 digit operator code number, then press “c”
  • Enter pump number 1 or 2
  • Press “d” to begin filling tank
  • When tank is nearly full, press and hold the “stop” button to stop the transaction.

Note: Failure to turn off the hose will result in an overflow of your tank, which you are responsible for.