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  • Animal Licences
  • Business Licences
  • Lottery Licences
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  • Dog Licence

    Please refer to the Animal Control page for information related to Dog Licences.

  • Kennel Licence

    “Kennel” includes a purebred kennel and Commercial Kennel and shall mean the premises of such an establishment in which more than two (2) dogs over sixteen (16) weeks of age are boarded, bred, kept or trained, but does not include:

    1.  A veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital;
    2.  A public pound or animal shelter used by the County for Impounding animals;
    3.  Any premises licensed under any statute of the Province of Ontario the Government of Canada, which permits the keeping of dogs and other animals under certain conditions;
    4.  A pet shop.

    Animal Control By-law 1396/13
    Kennel Licence Application

  • General Information

    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) authorizes Haldimand County to provide lottery and gaming licenses to eligible organizations. The Criminal Code of Canada defines what types of gaming activities are illegal in Canada, and the provinces are assigned responsibility to operate, license and regulate legal forms of gaming.

    Council has the authority to issue licences for most lottery events conducted in Haldimand County including:

    • Bazaar gaming events;
    • Bingo events with prize boards of up to $5,500;
    • Break open ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event, and where the tickets are sold within Haldimand County;
    • Raffles with prizes of up to $50,000.

    Lottery Group Eligibility

    Determining an organization’s eligibility for lottery licensing involves several steps and licensing officials must make eligibility decisions on a case-by-case basis by considering the specific circumstances of each organization. Licensing officials must also determine the eligible use of proceeds for each organization.

    Licences are only issued for the following charitable reasons:

    • The relief of poverty;
    • The advancement of education;
    • The advancement of religion;
    • Other charitable purposes that benefit the community.

    An organization must demonstrate how it has carried out charitable activities that benefit Ontario residents in a way that is consistent with its mandate for at least one year. If applying for subsequent licences, the organization must be in compliance with previous reporting requirements.

    Filling out the Lottery Licensing Eligibility Application is the first step in being considered as a possible eligible lottery group. (Note: An individual is not eligible for a lottery licence.)

    How to Apply

    Submit a completed Lottery Licensing Eligibility Application with supporting documentation to:

    Licensing Officer – Citizen & Legislative Services
    53 Thorburn Street South, Cayuga, ON  N0A 1E0
    905-318-5932, extension 6351


    • 3% of the retail value of all prizes to be given away (bazaars – 3% or $10/wheel)

    Please note that all financial lottery activity must be conducted within a lottery trust account.

  • Bazaar

    A bazaar is a sale of goods held to raise money for a charity.
    • Wheels of fortune – three wheel maximum ($2 maximum for individual bets).

    Review the AGCO’s Terms & Conditions for bazaar licences.

    Bazaar Application
    Bazaar Report

  • Bingo

    Bingo is a game of chance where players are awarded a prize or prizes for being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers on bingo paper, based on numbers selected at random.

    Review the AGCO’s Terms & Conditions for bingo licences.

    Bingo Application
    Bingo Report

  • Break Open Tickets

    Break open tickets are instant win lottery tickets. They are commonly known as pull tab or Nevada tickets and by brand name “Pocket Slots”. Break open tickets are made of cardboard, have one or more perforated cover window tabs hiding winning and losing numbers or symbols, and are played by tearing off the cover tabs.

    Review the AGCO’s Terms & Conditions for break open tickets.

    Break Open Ticket Application
    Break Open Ticket Report

  • Raffle

    A raffle is a lottery system where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a draw. The different types of raffles are usually identified by how the winner is determined. Raffle prizes may consist of merchandise or cash, or a combination of the two. The value of the prizes to be awarded, including any taxes must be $50,000 or less in order for Haldimand County to issue a licence.

    The following are permitted raffle lottery events:

    • Stub draw
    • Elimination draw
    • Calendar draw
    • “Golf ball drop” raffle lottery
    • Rubber duck race
    • 50/50 draw
    • Blanket raffle
    • Meat spin/turkey roll
    • “Name the raffle” lottery
    • Bossy bingo/cow patty bingo

    Review the AGCO’s Terms & Conditions for raffle licences.

    Raffle Application
    Blanket Raffle Application (if more than one type of raffle event will be held)
    Raffle Information Guide
    Raffle Report

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