Strategic Plans

Haldimand County is excited to move forward with our new economic development program. The County is in an enviable position, located along the shores of Lake Erie and with easy access to major Southwestern Ontario markets and United States borders.

We have numerous avenues to grow our tourism product and further develop employment lands. Largescale residential development in Caledonia speaks to the opportunities the community will soon be presented with.

For more information on Economic Development and Tourism activities the municipality plans to focus on, review our Economic Development Strategy here.

Economic Development Strategy

This document serves as the Tourism Strategic Action Plan for Haldimand County, and will guide tourism development over the next five years. The Plan is meant to help grow the County’s tourism offerings and drive more visitors to the region, in turn contributing to the local economy. Review the entire document here.

Tourism Strategic Action Plan

Haldimand County’s Community Profile provides insights into the exceptional quality of life that comes from friendly small towns with all the amenities. Benefit from the low cost of living and reasonably priced industrial lands.

Connected within 1-2 hours drive to major cities like Hamilton, Toronto and Buffalo (New York), we are centrally located for access to your key markets.

Take a look at our community profile for more information on what Haldimand County has to offer businesses and new residents.

Community Profile

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