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Fire Services

In Case of Emergency Call 9-1-1

Fire services personnel play a vital part in keeping our communities safe through education and by responding to incidents and emergencies. The Haldimand County Fire Department consists of 274 volunteer firefighters operating 40 fire apparatus from 11 fire stations, making it one of the largest volunteer fire departments in Ontario. Incident response includes:

  • Response to motor vehicle collisions
  • Response to structure and vehicle fires
  • Response to hazardous materials and carbon monoxide incidents
  • Public assistance requests
  • Response to outdoor (grass, brush) fires
  • Response to emergency medical incidents

Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation:

Haldimand County Emergency Services has been accredited with the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service for residential properties.   The purpose of this accreditation is to provide hydrant protected gradings in specified fire protection areas that are not hydrant protected.  All of the Haldimand County Fire Stations have reached accreditation.

For further information Fire Water Tanker Accreditation Certificate