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Winter Control- Parking & Snow Removal

We all want our streets cleared of snow and ice quickly, however, nothing slows down the work of our snow plows more than cars parked on the street. Learn about the Winter Control Bylaw and what you can do to help snow clearing efforts in the winter.

Winter Parking

The Winter Parking Restrictions Bylaw 302/02 is in effect from November 15 to April 15 each year:

Snow Routes:
No parking between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Rural Areas:
No parking on any road.

School Loading Zones:
No parking permitted.

Residential Areas:

  1. Where parking is normally permitted on both sides of the street:
    • EVEN numbered side of the street:
      • No parking between 6:00 p.m. of the 1 and 6:00 p.m. of the 15 of any month.
    • ODD numbered side of the street:
      • No parking between 6:00 p.m. of the 15 and 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the month.
  2. Where parking is normally only permitted on one side of the street:
    • No “on-street” parking permitted.
  3. In a cul-de-sac or dead-end street turn around:
    • No “on-street” parking permitted
  4. Where streets are divided by boulevards, islands, ditches, etc:
    • No “on-street” parking permitted.

Sections 1 – 4 above do not apply to the following areas:

Caledonia Exemptions

Arnold Marshall BlvdBothMcClung RdMontrose Ave
Burke DrSouth/WestAberdeen StOrkney St E
Caledon CrtBothCeltic AveEnd of Street
Cromarty AveWestThompson RdArnold Marshall Blvd
Derby DrWestThompson RdFleming Cres
Evergreen LaneWestThompson RdFleming Cres
Fleming CresEast/NorthThompson RdMontrose Ave
Galloway AveEastThompson RdArnold Marshall Blvd
Glenmore PlaceBothKinross StEnd of Street
Kelso DrWestThompson RdLarry Cres
Larry CresSouth/WestArnold Marshall BlvdEnd of Street
McCargow DrWestThompson RdFleming Cres
MacLachlan AveSouthLillian WayRacer Way
Michael John AveSouth/WestGalloway AveLarry Cres
Montrose AveWestMacLachlan AveArnold Marshall Blvd
Mull AveWestThompson RdArnold Marshall Blvd
Patterson DrWestThompson RdArnold Marshall Blvd
Sumac DrWestThompson RdFleming Cr
Thompson RdNorthGalloway AveFleming Cr

Cayuga Exemptions

Norton StSouth10 metres West of Munsee St N33 metres West of Munsee St N
Seneca StEastMcKay StBrant St
Seneca StEastTuscarora StChippewa St
Seneca StWestMcKay StBrant St
Seneca StWestTuscarora StChippewa St
South End DriveWestJoseph StSunset Ln

Dunnville Exemptions

Dunnville Urban Area, with the exception of the following where no parking is permitted from November 15 to April 15:

Alder St WBothWest StGeorge St
Church StEastLock StBroad St
Church StWestLock StBroad St
Griffith AveBothAlder StSouth Cayuga St
John StBothSouth Cayuga StAlder St
South Cayuga StBothCedar StPine St

Hagersville Exemptions

Athens StWestKing StDavid St
David StSouthMagnolia StAthens St
Julia StNorthMagnolia StWest to end of street
Magnolia StWestDavid StJulia St

Townsend Exemptions

Bramble CresBothWillow Glen DrWoodfield Ave
Hawthorne CresBothWoodfield AveWoodfield Ave

Please refer to Parking for more information regarding parking ticket payment options.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Adhere to the Sidewalk/Roof Snow Removal Bylaw 301/02 as follows:

  • Do not place snow on the roadway when shovelling or plowing driveways, entrances and sidewalks.
  • Clear any snow and ice from ALL sidewalks within 24 hours after the accumulation of snow or ice.
  • Treat sidewalks that have become slippery because of snow and ice with sand/salt or some like suitable material.
  • Remove snow/ice from any roof which slopes towards a sidewalk where snow/ice may fall from such roof causing danger to pedestrians or vehicular traffic and/or obstruct the sidewalk or roadway before 9:00 a.m.

Weather Emergency Tips

  • Move all vehicles from the roadway during winter storm events.
  • Do not park at the end of your driveway or over the sidewalk.
  • Do not place snow on the roadway when shovelling or plowing driveways, entrances and sidewalks.
  • Pile snow on the right side of your driveway (when facing street) when shovelling (this helps to minimize the pile of snow created by the snow plow at the end of your driveway).
  • Remove snow from around fire hydrants.
  • Keep drainage and catchbasins clear of snow and ice.
  • Be a good neighbour (help those who may not be able to shovel their driveways and walkways).
  • Be patient.

A Plow Priority Route map is also available for reference.

Make a Complaint or Inquiry Regarding Winter Control

If you would like to make a complaint or an inquiry regarding winter control, please contact a Bylaw Enforcement Officer located in your Enforcement Area at (905) 318-5932 or submit the online complaint/inquiry form below.