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Council Priorities

Term of Council Priorities are a key tool for maintaining strategic organizational focus, managing workload/resources and moving the County forward by prioritizing items that add significant value to the community.

In addition to priority initiatives that are already ongoing and administrative focus areas, Council has identified 6 new priorities for the 2022-2026 term:

  • Understand and predict the financial impact of growth and Provincial legislation on capital, infrastructure and operational programs.
  • Develop appropriate strategies, policies and service levels to manage impacts.
  • Comprehensive approach to better managing traffic issues within the scope of municipal responsibility including capital items, communications, truck routes, policing.
  • Provide a more transparent and easier communication format for residents and businesses
  • Meet accessibility requirements
  • Examine options and potential changes to current ward boundaries
  • Consider population growth
  • Capture communities of interest geographically
  • Council decision required
  • Develop and present a program for Council approval that includes the municipal role, resources and partnerships to address shortage of doctors servicing Haldimand
  • Building off of the Haldimand Housing Master Plan (2021), create a consistent approach to define the municipal role, the supports to be provided, and policies to be able to respond consistently to opportunities to add new affordable housing.

Background Information & Corporate Priority Planning Documents

At the beginning of each Term of Council, Council holds strategic planning exercises and discussions to identify major initiatives and administrative improvements it wishes to achieve during its tenure. County staff then identify the scope, resources, timing & other logistical matters associated with proposed initiatives and – through a report – seek Council approval of the proposed work program. Below you will find links to reports and recordings of meetings related to this process.

Corporate Strategic Pillars

When it comes to budgeting, decision-making or changing/introducing services, the County’s 3 Corporate Strategic Pillars serve as guiding principles. They are:

Growing our Local Economy by Creating Economic Opportunity

Making expenditures and taking action to support the strengthening of the economic base of the County.

Examples: New infrastructure investment to allow growth, urban re-development which generates assessment growth and/or retains existing business/industry, & tourism enhancements.

Community Vibrancy & Healthy Community

Investing in high quality sustainable services that promote the well-being of communities and contribute to the betterment of the quality of our natural environment or the health of residents.

Corporate Image & Efficient Government

Making change and investments that will result in a visible, positive image for the County by providing a more accessible, more efficient or more cost-effective local government for residents.