Project Notice and Public Consultation: Sutherland and Edinburgh Square Road Reconstruction (2022)

This scope of this project is to upgrade the existing watermains and sanitary sewers in Caledonia on Sutherland Street East, both sides of Edinburgh Square, Nairne Street, and south of Caithness Street East to the Nairne Street Sanitary Pumping Station.

A map showing the proposed wastewater upgrade route.
A map showing the proposed wastewater upgrade route.

The watermain replacement includes upsizing the existing mains to address water pressure concerns and surety of supply in emergency events.

The sanitary sewer replacement is being driven by the age and condition of the infrastructure and to provide additional flow capacity to accommodate an increase in sewage flows to the pumping station on Nairne Street in Caledonia.

The replacement of these services will also provide opportunities for upgrades to the surface features including sidewalks, boulevards and drainage.

For more background information on the project, visit Sutherland and Edinburgh Square Road Reconstruction.

Request for public input

The County is requesting public input on the opportunity to improve the configuration of Edinburgh Square East, including the possibility of changing the traffic flow to one-way (South-Bound).  This would allow for:

  • The provision of wider sidewalks;
  • The existing hydro poles to be located within a boulevard and out of the roadway;
  • The provision of on-street parking; and,
  • Improved sight lines at the intersection with Caithness Street East.

If you have any comments or concerns or would like any additional information regarding this proposition, please contact either the County or the Consultant by December 15, 2021.