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Wastewater Consumption Charge Rebate Information


(See Policy Number CS-FI-02-2015)

In a situation where a Water and Wastewater customer has experienced an extraordinary circumstance that has caused a water leak and the leaked water has not entered the sanitary wastewater system to be treated, it is reasonable to consider a reduction to the amount of the wastewater consumption charges if all of the following criteria have been met:

  • There has been a detectable leak in the water service
  • The water has not been utilized for personal or commercial purposes
  • The water has not entered the sanitary wastewater system
  • The owner has acted responsibly and exercised due diligence to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, and
  • A physical inspection of the premises was conducted by staff from the Environmental Services Division in order to verify the situation.

Note: The actual consumption of water as measured by the flow through the water meter will continue to be charged without adjustment. This is because the cost of supplying potable water exists whether the water is consumed or whether it flows through a leak in a water pipe. However, a refund of the related wastewater consumption charges will be considered if all of the above criteria are met.

Timeline and Process

  • Customer notices an unusually high Water and Wastewater bill or becomes aware of a leak incident that occurred.
  • Form (see below) is completed by customer and sent to the Accounts Receivable Clerk (see instructions below).
  • Customer is contacted by Environmental Services (via email or telephone) to set up a physical inspection (criteria required for rebate) if not already conducted. Inspection conducted to confirm water did not enter the sanitary wastewater system and sent to Accounts Receivable Clerk.
  • If deemed valid, the rebate amount is calculated based on the excess consumption compared to the average consumption over the past year.
  • The calculated adjusted billing for wastewater consumption charges must result in a refund of a minimum of $5 and 10% over the average monthly consumption charges in order for a refund to be processed. Any refund/adjustments owing will cover a leak period that reflects a maximum of three months of billing.
  • Customer is notified of results of inspection and rebate calculations. Note: The authority to determine eligibility and approve a rebate is delegated to the Treasurer or his/her delegate. Any appeal must be directed to Council in writing, with such request being placed on the public (open) session agenda of an upcoming Council in Committee meeting.
  • If required, Haldimand County Water and Wastewater billing is notified and a credit is applied to the respective customer account.

Instructions for the Attached Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY