Haldimand County Receives Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund Grant for Local Tennis Program

In February, Canadian Tire Corporation announced an additional $12 million commitment to Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund to help sport and recreation organizations build back sport and play in Canada.

Jumpstart conducted a State of Sport study via Ipsos, which revealed the pandemic has not only impacted current access to sport and play but has real long-term effects, as well. Haldimand County and the communities it serves have experienced this impact of the pandemic first-hand.

Recently, Haldimand County was pleased to receive confirmation that it is among the more than 500 national sport and recreation organizations to be provided with grant support through the latest round of Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. In 2021, Jumpstart has already distributed in excess of $9 million in funding to more than 800 organizations across Canada through the fund.

“We are very grateful to receive this news as we know the funding will have a positive impact on our local youth programming,” says Lynda Kissner, Supervisor of Programs & Events. “In Haldimand County, we plan to use the funding towards the introduction of the Louise Brown & Ross Brown Juniors Tennis Program, which will be made available free of charge to youth ages 8 to 18 years.”

For more information about the new tennis program, please check the County’s website at www.haldimandcounty.ca.

Haldimand County Launches New Tennis Program for Local Youth

Haldimand County is excited to announce the introduction of the Louise Brown & Ross Brown Juniors Tennis Program, geared towards youth ages 8 to 18 years of age and available from August 3rd to September 2nd  in Caledonia, Dunnville and Jarvis.

The program, which will be coordinated by David Brown—who represented Canada in the Davis Cup—is named after his late mother, a top-notch provincial and Canadian tennis champion, and father.

Louise Brown learned to play tennis in her hometown of Dunnville. Her passion for the sport helped her win the Canadian Open women’s singles and doubles titles in 1957 and she ranked in the Top 10 in Canadian women’s tennis for 26 years. Throughout a tennis career that spanned more than four decades, Louise won more than sixty Canadian singles and doubles titles. Her husband, Ross, served in the R.C.A.F. from 1939 to 1945 and was the President of the Ontario Tennis Association from 1965 to 1970.

The goal of the new program is to introduce youth to the sport and teach them the fundamentals of the game.  Participants will benefit from lessons led by a highly-qualified group of dedicated tennis professionals. “I’m very excited at the opportunity to come back to Haldimand County and share my family’s passion for the sport of tennis with our younger residents,” says Brown.

Thanks to the support of Canadian Tire Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund—which helps provide access to sport and play for Canadian youth—and Wilson Sporting Goods, the Louise Brown & Ross Brown Juniors Tennis Program will be offered free of charge to participants, including equipment (racquets and balls).

For more information, or to register (registration opens Wednesday, July 21), please check the County’s online registration system at link.haldimandcounty.ca.

Haldimand County Announces “Out and About in Haldimand” GeoTour

If you are looking for a new local adventure this summer, check out Haldimand County’s first ever GeoTour!

The GeoTour is a real-world, outdoor treasure-hunting game that uses GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

This is a great activity for any resident, visitor or family that likes the challenge of an outdoor scavenger hunt combined with a chance to check out the County’s beautiful parks and natural areas.

More than twenty geocaches have been tucked into parks and public properties throughout the County. Anyone completing the Tour by December can redeem their ‘passport’ to receive a specially-designed “Out and About In Haldimand” geocoin.

To learn more geocaching and the tour, including a ‘how to’ video, visit https://www.haldimandcounty.ca/festivals-events/2021-geocache/.

Haldimand County Public Library invites residents to virtual book talk with award-winning local author Brad Smith

Spend an evening with Haldimand County Public Library’s One Book One Haldimand author Brad Smith as he discusses his latest book Cactus Jack.

“In Cactus Jack, Brad Smith tells a compelling story of thoroughbred racing’s bottom rung. These are not the wealthy owners, the marquee trainers and name jockeys, but the debt-ridden, hardscrabble class striving to get back to even in life and maybe find a bit of redemption along the way. The novel is deeply intimate in its telling, yet cinematic in story range and scope, clear winner by a dozen lengths.” – Jim Tomlinson, author of Things Kept, Things Left Behind.

The virtual author visit will take place online using Zoom on Thursday, May 27 at 7pm. Participants will enjoy a short reading, a book talk and a Q & A session facilitated by library staff. You do not need a library membership to join the discussion!

To register, call your local branch at 289-674-0400 or e-mail the library’s Outreach Coordinator at kkrupicz@haldimandcounty.on.ca and indicate “OBOH” in your email’s subject line.

Copies of Cactus Jack are available at all library branches. Call your local branch at 289-674-0400 or use the online catalogue to reserve a copy.

Grandview Lodge outbreak declared over

Effective March 3, 2021, the COVID-19 outbreak at Grandview Lodge has been declared over.

The outbreak was initially declared on February 18 after a staff member tested positive through routine testing. This staff member has since returned to work and all routine swabs have come back negative for the virus.

Grandview Lodge staff and Haldimand County would like to extend appreciation to resident’s family members and the community for the support and words of encouragement offered throughout the outbreak. Staff will continue to work diligently to keep residents safe.


Haldimand County logo. A yellow sun rising or setting atop green and blue waves. Haldimand County in black lettering below.

Severe Conditions Expected Along Lake Erie Shoreline Sunday, People Asked To Leave Lakeshore Residences, Cottages

Flood & High Lake Level Warnings are now in effect for the Lake Erie shoreline and areas downstream of the Dunnville Dam. High winds and waves in the forecast are expected to cause extremely dangerous conditions throughout Sunday and there is a high risk of flooding, erosion and property damage associated with this weather event.

This event will have a significant impact along the shoreline and impacts are expected to exceed those that occurred during the October 31, 2019 event. Impacts are expected to affect Zones 1-5 along the Lakeshore (see the Lake Erie Flood Zone Lookup tool to learn more about Flood Zones and their impacts).

Individuals currently staying at properties along the lake are encouraged to leave and return to their permanent residences. Permanent residents should shelter in place until otherwise directed by emergency officials, unless at any time they feel their safety is in jeopardy, in which case they should leave immediately. Preparations are underway should evacuations be deemed necessary.

The MNRF surge model forecast for the eastern end of Lake Erie is indicating a rise in levels of 2.98 metres (9.8 feet) above chart datum. The peak above critical lake levels is forecast to occur this evening between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m, before receding overnight.

Haldimand County Emergency Services is urging residents to stay away from all shoreline areas and roadways. It is NEVER safe to drive through floodwater. Emergency Services is also reminding residents to only call 911 if their safety is at risk. Emergency Services is not able to pump out flooded basements.

Haldimand County Emergency Services will continue monitoring conditions throughout Sunday. Residents should pay close attention to changing weather conditions and watch for updated flood messages. A flood guide for lakeshore property owners and other emergency preparedness resources can be found at HaldimandCounty.ca/floods.

Further updates on this weather event will be shared as the forecast evolves.


Haldimand County is under the jurisdiction of three conservation authorities. Weather advisories and impacts may vary based on a given location’s position on the shoreline. You can look up a property or specific location and obtain information about flood impacts using the Lake Erie Flood Zone Lookup tool.

Current advisories and flood messages are available on conservation authority websites:

Grand River Conservation Authority
Long Point Region Conservation Authority
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


  • If you feel your safety is at risk, dial 911
  • To report a public roadway obstruction (e.g: downed tree, water or debris over a road) call the after-hours reporting line at 1-888-849-7345.

Statement from Mayor Hewitt & Council regarding Caledonia protest

Statement from Mayor and Council – October 9, 2020


The OPP and levels of government are not criminalizing the protestors at McKenzie Meadows.  The court issuing the injunction is not criminalizing them either.  The only people responsible for being charged with crimes are themselves and those that support and perpetuate the illegal activity. Just because we do not agree with another’s assertion does not mean anyone can step outside of the law to assert their own. No one gets a free pass or is bestowed with the right to be above the law just because they believe that someone else is wrong.

It has been said many times that we can all agree on the past failures that our Nation was built on and I would hazard to guess that most of us today are not directly responsible for those past deeds. However, we are capable of changing the course and direction or path we have been on. Dialogue towards a positive outcome is always the intent of any government and I am sure that those on Six Nations would look to the same.

Positive dialogue cannot occur under the veil of threats and hostility that exists on McKenzie Meadows.  You cannot call it peaceful when the actions of these few are calculated against any opposing action of others. A peaceful protest or exercising rights cannot be at the expense or rights of others.

There is currently a warrant for the arrest of Skyler Williams. In society today our police forces work together to help each other as the brothers they so often call themselves. I find it appalling that the OPP cannot extend the warrant within the boundary of Six Nations. Skyler each night can enjoy a peaceful sleep without interruption while many here in Caledonia continue to be at the brunt of tantrums when the police service is trying to uphold our laws.

As I mentioned earlier, Six Nations needs to assume some accountability for the failure of negotiations as does our governments.  For any meaningful conversation to take place it requires the efforts of both to find a transparent and effective method to represent the needs of both Nations. Without that framework, the posturing that continues to happen on the streets of Haldimand only exasperates things and drives wedges further into the social fabric that has afforded us many years of continued existence.

There are a number of great opportunities other than just the assertion of the claim itself, that could be celebrated for the benefit of all and many of these items are on there table and have been discussed in the past and would provide fundamental things such as fresh water to the whole of the territory and improve everyone’s social position.

Caledonia/Six Nations could be seen as a celebration of success and not one of burning tires and frustration for all. It requires some efforts from all and it must come from a good place, a place not filled with anxiety and anger. It must come from the ability to understand, to compromise and to see the end game that benefits future generations. It will NEVER be a successful ending if at the expense of one another.

Haldimand County Coat of Arms

Haldimand County Council continues to push for resolution of McKenzie Meadows occupation

Haldimand County Council continues to push provincial and federal agencies – including the Ontario Provincial Police and Ministry of Crown-Indigenous Relations – for an expeditious resolution of the McKenzie Meadows occupation.

Council remains adamant that illegal activities and behaviors in contravention with the law must be prosecuted accordingly, and reminds anyone attending the McKenzie Meadows site that they are at risk of being arrested and facing criminal charges as outlined in the court-issued injunction.

A court injunction remains in place for the McKenzie Meadows site and all municipal roadways. Council is firm in its stance that criminal activities – including occupying the McKenzie Meadows site – must not be tolerated by law enforcement.

Council acknowledges that the OPP has no role to play in the dispute’s underlying issues and is not in a position to resolve them, but expects that they will enforce the law with due process. Council further expects that the courts and relevant authorities will respect the injunctions and hold anyone brought before them accountable for their defiance of the law.

“We have been relentless in our attempts to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and other federal agencies. This situation isn’t going away, and is a by-product of failed communication and mediation at the federal level. The cost and impacts on our community are mounting. Inaction is unacceptable,” said Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt.

Haldimand County Council will continue to advocate on behalf of the community with the OPP and all levels of government until a resolution is reached.


Haldimand County Paramedic Services Offering Community Flu Vaccine Clinics

In late 2019, Haldimand County received $5,910 in funding from the Hamilton Norfolk Haldimand Brant Emergency Services Steering Committee (HNHB ESSC) to host influenza vaccination clinics across the community. The first clinic will take place Thursday, January 9, 2020 from 10am to 3pm at R Villa Caledonia Retirement Living in Caledonia (339 Argyle St. S). Vaccinations are free, and no appointment is required.

Local influenza vaccine clinics are funded through the HNHB ESSC using funds from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The goal of the clinics is to enhance access to influenza vaccines for vulnerable residents and individuals with limiting medical issues.

Vaccinations will be administered by a Haldimand County Community Paramedic. Residents who wish to attend and receive a vaccination may do so on a walk-in basis during the clinic hours. While vaccinations are free, residents must provide a valid Ontario Health Card.

Additional vaccine clinic times and locations will be announced shortly at HaldimandCounty.ca.