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Unofficial voting results from 2022 Municipal Election

The 2022 Municipal and School Board Election wrapped up this evening with polls officially closing at 8 p.m. Haldimand County saw an increase in voter turnout this election with 36.50% of eligible voters casting a ballot in total, up from 35.57% in 2018. Advance voting turnout more than tripled from 2018; 18.27% of votes were cast in advance prior to election day, with 6,074 voters casting a ballot online and 1,394 voting in advance in person.

Below is a breakdown of the unofficial results.

Office of the Mayor

Shelly Ann Bentley4760
Jennifer Gilmour334
Ken Hewitt3700
Dick Passmore1444
Jake Vandendool4594

Ward 1

Stewart PattersonAcclaimed

Ward 2

Paul Beauvais716
John Metcalfe1502

Ward 3

Ray Kitchen221
Dan Lawrence1731
Mark McEachern539
Julie Richardson1035

Ward 4

Tony Dalimonte997
Natalie Stam1899

Ward 5

James Kaspersetz288
Rob Shirton925
Sheldon Simpson532

Ward 6

Julie Marchese243
Patrick O’Neill1003
Lisa Taylor909

English Public School Trustee

Bernie Corbett5170
Brian Doyle6228
Lisa Passmore6267

English Separate School Trustee

Mark WatsonAcclaimed

French Public School Trustee

David ParadisAcclaimed

French Separate School Trustee

Dorothée Petit-Pas20
Gilles Roy7
Éric Sanderson5