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Draft version of Haldimand County Community & Recreation Facilities Strategy now available; information session set for September

Haldimand County is pleased to share the draft Community & Recreation Facilities Strategy, a vision for indoor recreation and programming for the next twenty-plus years.

The draft strategy is available online at It is the result of extensive community engagement, research, current and future county demographic/growth information and best practices in community and recreation facilities development.

“Staff were fortunate to be able to work with and benefit from the expertise of consultants who are very familiar with Haldimand County—having worked here previously—and who are also leaders nationally in this field,” said General Manager of Community & Development Services Mike Evers.

“They have presented an evidence-based roadmap for the development of potential facilities and spaces for aquatics, sports, arts, culture and community wellness based on the community’s input, the county’s demographic and growth projections and our approach to fiscal responsibility,” he added.

“The draft strategy has something for every community, with a series of recommendations about future facility options and locations as well as more immediate programming and partnership opportunities to maximize recreation and wellness programming.”

Members of the public are encouraged to review the strategy and provide comments via online form or by attending an in-person drop-in information session on Tuesday, September 17, 2024 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at McSorley Family Hall (Cayuga Memorial Arena, 55 Thorburn Street South, Cayuga).

“It should be noted the draft strategy is based on this moment in time, and the larger, higher-dollar-value assets identified—such as an indoor pool or turf field—are for future consideration by Council based on demographics, growth, resources and appropriate timing, which will require further community consultation at that time,” said Evers.

“Support of the current draft strategy does not mean these recommended facilities will be acted upon immediately. It is important for any municipality to plan for these types of larger investments many years before they are built to ensure it is ready when third-party infrastructure funding and grants become available to help offset initial capital costs.”

Comments on the strategy may be provided until September 20, 2024. The strategy will be brought forward to Council in late 2024 for review and final approval.

Flood Warning issued for Grand River watershed, trailer parks in the lower watershed may experience impacts

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is issuing a Flood Warning message.

The weather system crossing the watershed beginning in the early hours of Tuesday, July 16 has brought approximately 30-70mm of rain, mostly over the idle portion of the watershed.

River flows are elevated and expected to continue rising in the lower part of the Grand River for the remainder of Tuesday, July 16 into midday Wednesday, July 17. Trailer parks located along the Grand River in the lower part of the watershed may observe flooding.

The public is encouraged to exercise extreme caution around all local waterways. Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery, and, when combined with fast-moving water, pose a serious hazard. Parents are reminded to keep their children and pets away from all watercourses. Recreational users of local waterways should be aware of the current conditions and exercise additional caution.

Haldimand County Emergency Services will be actively monitoring conditions and providing updates as necessary. Residents should pay close attention to changing weather conditions and watch for updates flood messages. A flood guide for lakeshore property owners and other emergency preparedness resources can be found at

This message will be in effect until 12:00 pm Friday, July 19, 2024.

Flood Watch

HALDIMAND COUNTY, ON – The Ministry of Natural Resources storm surge model forecast for the eastern end of Lake Erie is indicating a rise in lake levels just below the threshold for flooding along the Lake Erie shoreline in Haldimand County.

A strong low-pressure system is expected to bring high winds to Lake Erie on Tuesday, July 16th. The lower Great Lakes are expected to see sustained winds of 40km/hr from the south and southwest with gusts up to 55km/hr on Tuesday near noon and into the early afternoon.

The public is reminded to stay away from the Lake Erie shoreline due to potential for strong waves and elevated water levels, and to follow direction of local flood coordinators and emergency officials.

Haldimand County Emergency Services will be actively monitoring conditions and providing updates as necessary. Residents should pay close attention to changing weather conditions and watch for updates flood messages. A flood guide for lakeshore property owners and other emergency preparedness resources can be found at

This message will be in effect until 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2024.

Service Disruption: Visa debit and Mastercard debit payments down on county website

We are currently experiencing difficulties processing online payments made through Visa debit or Mastercard debit via our website and are waiting for our transaction management vendor to remedy the issue. This does not affect our “Manage my Taxes” portal. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. An update will be shared once the service has been restored.

Heritage Haldimand hosting Emancipation Day gathering

Heritage Haldimand invites community members to the 3rd Annual Emancipation Day Gathering taking place Thursday August 1, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Canfield Community Centre.

Emancipation Day recognizes the Abolition of Slavery Act, which became law on August 1, 1834 and freed thousands of people of African descent throughout the British Empire. Since then, Emancipation Day has been celebrated in many areas across Canada each year on or near August 1.

Heritage Haldimand invites everyone to attend the Gathering, which provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon Haldimand County’s important Black history. The highlight of the evening will be a presentation by local author and historian Sylvia Weaver who will speak on the “Underground Railroad and Well-Known Local Black Families”.

The Canfield Community Centre is located at 50 Talbot Road, Canfield; admission to this family-friendly event is free and refreshments will be provided.

For more information please email


Heritage Haldimand logo

New Exhibition At Wilson Macdonald Museum Explores Sports And Playtime In Haldimand

Come out to the Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum (WMMSM) in Selkirk this summer and take a walk down memory lane with “Sports and Playtime”, featuring toys and sporting memorabilia from several Haldimand baseball and hockey teams.

Whether you played or came out to watch a local sporting event such as baseball or hockey, memories of  friends, teammates and neighbours who sponsored, coached or promoted local sports heroes will be brought to mind. Remember the excitement of hearing the crack of the bat or the sound of,  “He shoots. He scores!” that got your team spirit racing. Visit WMMSM this summer and look objects and images that showcase some of those moments, including a Marty McSorley All Stars Day hockey team jersey from Cayuga.

The exhibition also looks at playtime where, long before cell phones and social media, children kept busy with their imaginations. Dolls and other stuffed toys came to life and joined in at tea parties, and kids spent hours outdoors playing hide-and-seek or bested their friends while playing  favourite board games.

“Sports and Playtime” will be on display at the Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum, 3513 Rainham Road, Selkirk from July 17 to September 17; Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. For additional information please email

Discover your Happy in Haldimand County with new guide

HALDIMAND COUNTY, ON Haldimand County’s Economic Development & Tourism

division is launching a summer guide called, “Discover Your Happy Haldimand”, set to be mailed to residents at the end of June. This guide showcases local museums, restaurants, shops, and other attractions for both residents and visitors to explore. “Our government is committed to supporting Ontario’s small towns and rural communities by investing in important initiatives as part of the Rural Economic Development program,” said Minister of Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson. “In this particular case, I trust this beautiful guide will encourage both residents of and visitors to Haldimand County to shop local and support local businesses.”

The guide shines a spotlight on new businesses in the area as well as beloved establishments that have become landmarks in the county. Spice up your routine by visiting The Throw Down Chef, one of Haldimand’s newest restaurants, serving mouth watering authentic Jamaican cuisine. For history enthusiasts, a trip to the Ruthven Park

National Historic Site is a must. Delve into the Thompson family history and enjoy bird watching while strolling through the serene forest trails Lidy Romanuk, Manager of Economic Development & Tourism said, “When we set out to create this summer guide, our goal was simple: to capture the essence of Haldimand County in a way that would inspire exploration. From museums that breathe life into our rich history to restaurants that showcase our culinary prowess, every stop is an invitation to dive deeper into what makes Haldimand unique.”

“Discover Your Happy Haldimand” is more than just a guide; it’s an invitation to create lasting memories while experiencing the warmth and charm of the county. So whether you’re a resident looking to rediscover your hometown or a visitor eager to explore, make sure to grab a copy and start your journey today.

“Discover Your Happy Haldimand” is just a taste of what there is to explore in the area, for more ideas and listings visit

Additional copies will be available after July 10th at all Haldimand County Libraries.

Learn more about things to see and do in Haldimand County by visiting our Facebook or Instagram.

Haldimand County gratefully acknowledges that this project is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs through a Rural Economic Development grant.

Haldimand County Public Statement – June 20, 2024


Re: Jesse Little

Recently, members of the public have raised questions concerning the interactions which Jesse Little has had with Haldimand County and its representatives. Jesse is the individual who is often seen at the entrance to the Haldimand County Administration Building parking lot or at other intersections throughout Haldimand County.  What follows is an overview of those interactions, based on legal advice as to what can be openly shared at this time.

In the Fall of 2018, the Ontario Provincial Police issued two Provincial Offence notices against Mr. Little.

Haldimand County has a defined and limited responsibility for dealing with Provincial Offence records. Through a minor administrative error by municipal staff, Mr. Little was recorded as having been found guilty of a provincial offence when this was not true. County staff promptly had the electronic records corrected by a Justice of the Peace and communicated with the Ministry of Transportation immediately, in order to present an accurate account of what had occurred. Mr. Little was provided with a package of the relevant documents, but the forms indicating the correction were omitted. County staff subsequently sent a written apology to Mr. Little and provided the documentation.  The offences were subsequently heard in court via the normal process and the error had no bearing on the outcome of the hearings.

Mr. Little has had many communications with County staff, over several years, concerning this issue, and other, unrelated issues.

In December 2019 Mr. Little was charged with several Provincial Offences and Criminal Code offences. He entered into an undertaking with the Ontario Court of Justice to refrain from going to the County administration building until such time as the charges were heard in court. Nevertheless, staff have communicated with Mr. Little, as required for municipal business on an almost constant basis between October 2018 and the present. Staff have made considerable efforts to answer Mr. Little’s requests and concerns. They have tried, without success, to arrange face-to-face meetings with Mr. Little to address his concerns, even offering to provide financial assistance for independent legal representation in an effort to ensure he fully understood his rights and the County’s position.

Because of the volume and tone of Mr. Little’s excessive email and telephone communication, in August 2021 the County asked him to confine his communications to a single point of contact.

Once the above noted charges were heard and the order to not attend the County office was lifted, Mr. Little began attending inside the County Administration Building on a regular basis.  On two occasions, Mr. Little has been asked to leave meetings of County Council because of what was deemed to be inappropriate or offensive conduct.

In 2023 Mr. Little made two complaints about the conduct of members of Council in asking him to leave Council meetings. The Integrity Commissioner for Haldimand County dismissed both complaints.

Recently, Mr. Little has stood in different locations in Haldimand County holding signs containing false and inflammatory messages about the County, including some which are highly offensive to a named staff member.

Since 2018 the County has from time to time made the OPP aware of its dealings with Mr. Little.

The County is presently consulting outside legal counsel about all of the above.

The County has an obligation pursuant to the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act to maintain a safe and respectful workplace for staff, and it is wholly committed to ensuring this.

Haldimand Museums 18th Annual Car Show

HALDIMAND COUNTY, ON – Haldimand Museums are back this year with their 18th Annual Car & Truck Show, taking place Sunday June 23, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, at the Selkirk Community Park (17 Kent Street, Selkirk). Admission to the family-friendly event is by donation; a $5.00 entry fee applies to participating vehicles.

The popular gathering  provides a place for vintage and specialty car and truck enthusiasts from around southern Ontario to celebrate their love of all things automotive. “We had an excellent turnout last year with close to 150 vehicles and the show was fun for everyone,” says Wilson MacDonald Memorial School Museum Curator Dana Stavinga. “We are hoping the weather will be cooperative but, if we do have rain, the event will be postponed to the fall.”

While the show features classic cars and trucks, there will be much more to see and do! Visitors and participants can enjoy a silent auction, craft displays, entertainment by DJ Frank Vessero, tasty foods served by Shelly’s Family Dining & Catering Services of Kohler, door prizes for the drivers and a presentation of 25 trophies in a variety of categories at 2:30 pm.

For further information about the Car & Truck Show please contact Dana Stavinga at 905-776-3319.

Haldimand County Public Library announces the winners of 11th annual April Poetry Contest

The Haldimand County Public Library would like to thank everyone who submitted a poem to its 11th Annual April Poetry Contest. This year’s contest was a tremendous success with submissions received from individuals across the County.

Congratulations to the following individuals for their winning entries, which followed this year’s theme, “Growth”.

The 2024 Winners:

Deborah Beauchamp, 1st place adult category
Lindsay Polillo, 2nd place adult category
Ulrike Bachmann, 3rd place adult category
Marcel Sousa, 1st place intermediate category
Reed Holmes, 1st place junior category
Charlotte Snyder, 2nd place junior category
Alexandria Knox, 3rd place junior category
Ally Houwer, 1st place primary category
August Sholer, 2nd place primary category
Jayden Clint, 3rd place primary category

An awards ceremony and poetry reading will be held at the Caledonia Branch on Wednesday June 5th at 6:30pm. All members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Library would like to extend a special thank you to our local sponsors, whose generous donations helped make this contest possible: The Hagersville Lions Club, The Caledonia Lions Club, The Women’s Institute- Haldimand District, and The Friends of the Dunnville Library.

To read a copy of the winning poems, please contact the Haldimand County Public Library.