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Tax Supported Operating Budget

Here you will find information on Tax Supported Operating Budget and Tax Rates.

Budget Documents

Assessment & Tax Impacts20202021202220232024Avg.
Municipal Levy Increase %3.873.915.025.367.215.07
Assessment Growth $2.501.952.732.082.792.41
Education Tax Room %
Tax Impact %2.161.962.293.284.432.64
  • Assessment Growth – refers to additional property tax revenue from assessment growth to be used to offset municipal levy increase
  • Education Tax Room – refers to reduction in education tax rates by the Province due to reassessment. The education tax rates are charged on all properties in Ontario, the rates are provided to the Municipality by the Province

Please note annual operating costs do not support municipal water and wastewater systems, the net amount is recovered directly from user fees, not property taxes.