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Haldimand County launches new Business Retention and Expansion Program

Haldimand County is proud to announce the launch of a new Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) program designed to support and grow local businesses.

Officially titled Real Haldimand Business Support, the BR+E program will focus on identifying and addressing the needs of existing businesses in the County, with the goal of retaining and expanding current businesses, as well as implementing actions that will support the attraction of new businesses to the area. The program will provide a range of services to local businesses, including one-on-one interviews with economic development staff, follow-up supports connecting business owners to applicable resources, expansion information and available industry-specific marketing opportunities.   

The program also includes a targeted BR+E survey that’s used during confidential one-on-one interviews to gather information from local businesses about their current operations, challenges, and future plans. The intent of the survey is to support businesses looking to expand, identify areas where businesses may be struggling, and to provide information that can be used to develop policies and programs that will help key sectors to grow and thrive.

“Haldimand County is home to a diverse and vibrant business community, and we are committed to supporting the growth and success of our local businesses,” said Lidy Romanuk, Manager, Haldimand County Economic Development & Tourism Division. “Real Haldimand Business Support will provide the resources and support those businesses need to thrive, maintain their operations in Haldimand and create jobs. Now is the right time to check in with our businesses to better understand the lasting impacts of the past three years and any resulting opportunities or change in priorities. In addition to helping our businesses succeed, information gathered from this program will allow us to assess any changes we might need to make with our existing strategic plans.”

The BR+E program is looking to engage businesses of all types, and will place additional emphasis on connecting with businesses in some of Haldimand’s key industries: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism, Downtown Retail, Professional Services and Healthcare. These sectors are vital to the local economy, and the program will work to identify and address the unique needs of these businesses.

Businesses interested in learning more about the program or getting involved can contact Jaymie Nelson, Project Manager Business Retention & Expansion at to schedule an interview, or visit the website to fill out a contact form. All businesses large and small are encouraged to connect.

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