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Business Retention & Expansion Project

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The economic well-being of Haldimand’s communities is based upon existing businesses. In recognition of this, positive action is being taken to identify and meet the needs of these businesses.

What is the Haldimand BR+E Project?

The Haldimand County Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) Project is a proactive approach to:

    • Identify the needs, concerns, and opportunities of existing local businesses so that, where appropriate, action can be taken.
    • Learn local businesses future plans with respect to expansion, relocation, and/or retention and assess where assistance can be provided.
    • Demonstrate the County’s pro-business attitude and develop an effective means of communication.

Interviews will take place with various businesses starting in April 2023, and continue through to October 2023. Haldimand County staff will be connecting with businesses across all sectors, with an additional focus on businesses in the Agriculture, Downtown Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services & Healthcare, and Tourism sectors.

A final project report that presents the high-level findings with action plan recommendations will be developed and made available following the data collection period, and be used to plan future economic development activities.

Lidy Romanuk

“Information collected in a BR+E survey is vital for the County to continue making informed decisions, and help us take proactive actions that will have positive and lasting benefits in our community. This is an opportunity for business owners to directly voice their needs, opportunities, and ideas to the County.”

Lidy Romanuk
Manager, Economic Development & Tourism

Why Undertake a BR+E Project?

Existing businesses are already invested in the community.

It’s important to support existing businesses which are already established and invested in the County. A BR+E program helps create a healthy local business climate by learning about, and addressing, emerging challenges and opportunities in the business community.

BR+E projects help to inform strategic planning, making sure Haldimand County is a great place to do business.

    • Supporting local businesses so they can grow, create jobs and stay in the community;
    • Collecting business and market data to support economic development planning; and
    • Informing action plans to foster business development, investment and job creation.

BR+E Survey

The Business Retention & Expansion (BR+E) survey will be conducted in a one-on-one interview style meeting, taking approximately 60 minutes, and can be completed by any Haldimand County business owner. The survey was developed utilizing the standardized Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) survey, and as applicable, tailored to address the needs of Haldimand County businesses and priority sectors.

The completion of a BR+E study in Haldimand will help to inform the current economic climate locally, the changes and impacts COVID-19 has played, and the continued relevance of Haldimand’s existing Economic Development Strategy and Tourism Strategic Action Plan.

The main survey is composed of 6 sections:

    1. Business Information
    2. Business Climate
    3. Future Plans
    4. Business Development
    5. Workforce
    6. Community Development

There are some additional sector-specific questions you may be asked if you fall within the following sectors: Agriculture, Downtown Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services & Healthcare, and Tourism.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is your chance to voice your opinions and needs to the County and contribute to the development of county-led services and programs that will positively impact the local business community and economy. Think of it like a census of business within the county.

It is also an opportunity to connect directly with Economic Development & Tourism division in Haldimand County, bringing to their attention any urgent concerns or opportunities your business is facing.

Taking part in this project is a great way to learn about what services and resources may be available to your business, Federally, Provincially, and locally. As well as how these services can be of benefit to your business operation.

If your business has an immediate concern, staff will initiate the appropriate response (referral, connection with applicable staff, etc.) based on the individual businesses needs.

The main survey is approximately 55 questions long, though due to the logic and routing of the questions, you’ll likely answer between 40-50 questions.

There also are some additional sector-specific questions you may be asked if you fall within the following sectors: Agriculture, Downtown Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services & Healthcare, and Tourism.

It is anticipated the survey will take approximately 60 minutes to complete, dependent on how much discussion takes place during your interview.   The survey will be completed by Haldimand County staff via one-on-one interviews, and can be done in person at your location, at the Haldimand County Administration building or virtually.

To ensure sufficient data is captured through survey responses.

The data is intended to inform the direction the County takes in determining future economic development strategies and services.  Therefore a number of key areas need to be accurately assessed to ensure recommended actions and activities are responding to the needs of existing businesses and key industries within the community.

Business participants have until October 2023 to schedule an interview and provide their feedback. However, businesses are encouraged to begin the process early. Connect with Economic Development and Tourism at, to schedule a meeting at a time convenient to you.

All identifying information contained in completed survey responses will be kept confidential. All individuals involved in the project are committed to this principle. There will be an opportunity to self-identify if the business is open to the sharing of contact information, should a referral be requested.

The responses from businesses will be summarized as percentages or averages in the project report, as well as some unidentifiable statements, which will guarantee anonymity.

If there is a question that businesses can’t or don’t want to answer, they can skip it.

The BR+E Project Manager will compile the survey responses with other completed surveys, after which individual survey responses become completely anonymous.  This compilation will be analyzed for trends to influence sector specific priorities, and overall economic development strategic planning.


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For more information on the Ontario Business Retention & Expansion Program, visit the Government of Ontario website here:

This project is funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The views expressed within this website are the views of Haldimand County and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province of Ontario.