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Haldimand County Council approves 2024 Capital Budget

Haldimand County Council reviewed and approved the 2024 Tax-Supported Capital Budget and 10-year forecast on February 1, 2024. The Capital Budget outlines $48.8 million of infrastructure investments in 2024, with a total investment of $344.7 million over the next 10 years.

View an at-a-glance breakdown of Capital Budget 2024 highlights

The 2024 Capital Budget is heavily focused on enhancing municipal infrastructure with notable expenditures on roadway improvements, technology enhancements, upgrades to existing public amenities as well as the construction of a new multi-purpose community recreation facility (Hagersville Library + Active Living Centre).

2024 Capital Budget Highlights:

  • $18 million towards roadway and active transportation improvements like road reconstruction & resurfacing, gravel road conversions, bridge/culvert rehabilitations and other structure-related projects;
  • $15 million total towards the Hagersville Library & Active Living Centre (HL + ALC) project, the scope of which now includes construction of a full pavilion, new concession stand and outdoor washroom facilities in Grant Kett Park, adjacent to the HL + ALC site;
  • $1.8 million towards the purchase of one new fire pumper and a new tanker, plus $560,000 for two new ambulances;
  • $704,000 towards enhancing municipal arenas, including upgrades to refrigeration & ice maintenance equipment and replacing key building elements;
  • $900K towards tree conservation and re-forestation initiatives, such as the Downtown Street Tree Revitalization Program and general maintenance, removal, planting and care of urban trees;
  • $1.3 million for park and trail-related enhancements, including upgrades to ball park amenities and the development of a new on-road cycling lane on River Rd.;
  • $380K towards key technology upgrades (148K for website and communications-related enhancements and $235,000 on the rollout of critically important software solutions);
  • $250K towards the development of a Traffic Management Plan
  • $50,000 towards accessibility upgrades to municipal facilities.

Chief Administrative Officer Cathy Case noted that while the focus of the county’s annual capital investment continues to be ‘hard infrastructure’ like bridges, roads and facilities, there is a critical need for the organization to prioritize investing in technology.

“Expenditures with a concerted focus on updating technologies and software have been introduced into the 2024 budget and flagged as a corporate priority. As important as our bricks and mortar infrastructure is, it is equally imperative that we invest in the tools necessary to be future-focused, work efficiently, be competitive as an employer and ultimately provide residents with better access to municipal services, staff and data,” stated Case.

“Today, Council approved a budget that ensures we are investing strategically in the infrastructure needed to not only keep our communities safe and vibrant, but continue to deliver county services efficiently, to the standard of excellence our residents deserve,” stated Mayor Shelley Ann Bentley.

Similar to past years, the total capital levy, funded by property taxes, will increase from $21.8 million to $22.6 million in 2024 – an increase of $800,000, or approximately 1% of the overall 2023 municipal levy.

The total municipal levy for 2024 will be determined once the 2024 Tax-Supported Operating Budget is approved by Council.

The 2024 Tax-Supported Operating Budget will be presented to Council on Thursday, February 29, 2024 – 9:30 a.m. at the Haldimand County Administration Building.

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