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Selkirk Waterfront Way

Project Summary

Selkirk’s Waterfront Way is a scenic site offering views of Lake Erie, Selkirk Creek and a forested environment. This site features an existing trail with pedestrian bridge connecting Erie St. South to Blue Water Parkway.

Existing Features/Amenities

  •  Mature Vegetation;
  • New Pedestrian Bridge;
  • Gradual Sandy/Stony Shoreline;
  • Multi-use Trail;
  • Signage; and,
  • Paddle Art Tour Haldimand Location.
Waterfront Way, Selkirk satellite image
Waterfront Way, Selkirk satellite image

Take a look at the Selkirk Waterfront Way concept package; complete the survey to provide your feedback!

Community feedback is an important part of this project.

Please review the Selkirk Waterfront Way concept package; then complete the survey to provide your feedback!

Fall 2021:

  • Council and Staff met to identify the needs of the area and obtained a preliminary design from a Consultant.

Spring 2022:

  • Community Survey to obtain Community feedback and information on the project and potential design.
  • Public Information Consultation.
  • Survey closes, Project plan to be reviewed and approved Council.

Spring / Summer 2022

  • complete all the public consultation, final conceptual design and survey work

Summer 2022 into early 2023

  • complete detailed engineering analysis, archaeological and environmental work

Spring 2023

  • secure approvals from all review agencies (Long Point CA, DFO, Ministry of Tourism Culture & Sport)

Summer 2023

  • issue tender and commence construction

Spring/Summer 2024

  • construction completed and expanded public space open for use

All council reports related to this project will be added here with the most recent report(s) listed at the top.

For more information on Selkirk Waterfront Way, contact:

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