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The PATH – Public Art Tour Haldimand (formerly Paddle Art Tour Haldimand) is a celebration of our local talent and the importance of the Grand River and Lake Erie to Haldimand County. Local artists are using wooden paddles—hand made by high school students in Caledonia and Dunnville—to create art portraying the area’s natural landscapes, wildlife, history and much more.

You can follow the PATH phase 1 by downloading the map, bringing your camera or smartphone and finding the Paddles throughout Haldimand County – visit one or check out them all!

Gina Wilson McIntee

Project Coordinator: Gina Wilson-McIntee

To see more of Gina’s work or to contact her please visit:
Gina’s Website, Facebook or Instagram

A lady holding a paddle

Laura Ashthorpe

Laura lives with her husband and two children in Fisherville. Aside from her college years, Haldimand county has always been her home, and art has always been a part of who she is.

Since being retired due to disability, Laura has immersed herself into art to keep busy. What better way to show who she is and support her community than using art to showcase the community that we live in and love.

a lady holding a paddle

Cheyanne Bertrand

Cheyanne decided to make a submission to this project because she wanted to show her children that it is never too late to do what you love.  Cheyanne has been admiring this project ‘from a far’ over the past few years with envy and continued to hope that one day she could be a part of it.  she is relatively new to sharing her art with others, and felt this was the perfect project to showcase her bright bold painting style in a way that benefits our community and brings people together through the arts.  Cheyanne and her children love spotting all the beautiful paddles when they are out exploring around Haldimand County.

Take a look at Cheyanne’s art here:

A lady holding a paddle

Angela Bonitatibus

Angela enjoys living and working in Haldimand County.
She is currently exploring water colour,  pen and ink and acrylic painting.
Angela continues her art education through online tutorials and self study.
She is grateful to be a part of the Path Project and a community of Vibrant Artists.

A lady holding a paddle

Sarah Butcher

Instagram: @greeneyes.andthumbs.creative

Creative contests reveal Sarah’s competitive side. As an amateur artist, she looks fpr opportunities to push herself; PATH Phase 3: Bridging Communities was a chance to grow.

“Into the Woods” is based on a photograph from Sarah’s childhood in rural Cayuga. She experimented with a different style to convey the sense of a memory. This piece is meant to inspire families to go explore Haldimand’s woodlands – there is always wonder, learning, and beauty to be found.

While Sarah did not pursue post secondary training, she continues to be a supporter of fine arts. She is open to commissions and always enjoys a challenge.

Now residing and raising her family in Jarvis, Sarah is trying to pass along her “art eyes” to appreciate the surrounding county and its Creator. Sarah thanks you for following our paddle journey, and to all the community hands who have transformed a tree into a public art installation!

A girl holding a paddle

Eirlys Evans

Eirlys is a student in Haldimand County.
She is Nine years old. Eirlys loves to make art, do crafts and swim. Her favourite movie is Jurassic Park.
Having the opportunity to participate in the Path Paddle Project has made her very happy.

A Lady holding a paddle

Andrea Johnston

Andrea is a Dunnville resident, who advocates for arts within her community. Andrea decided to be part of Bridging Communities because it brings community through the arts!

A young woman holding a paddle

Emily Mathewson

Paddle Title: “Building Bridges”

When Emily learned about the concept of the PATH, she immediately thought she would include wildlife, plant life, and the Caledonia bridge but really focusing on the idea of building a bridge between Haldimand and Hamilton as she is the first participant of PATH from Hamilton!

The bright colours draw the viewer’s attention to her painting, which symbolizes a pleasant summer day. Three Canadian geese glide above a field of gorgeous summer and spring flowers beside the Grand River in this painting. With butterflies and seagulls flying across the sky, it demonstrates how lovely nature is in its natural state.

Check out Emily’s Art: Instagram @emilymathewsonart

A young woman holding a paddle

Jessica Vander Vegte

Jessica is from the outskirts of Cayuga, she has been passionate about art for as long as she can remember! When Jessica read about the PATH: Bridging Communities in the newspaper she got very excited for the opportunity to be able to showcase her own perspective of our beautiful county.

Gina Wilson McIntee
Gina Wilson McIntee

Project Coordinator: Gina Wilson-McIntee

To see more of Gina’s work or to contact her please visit:

Gina’s Website, Facebook or Instagram

Angela Bonitatibus
Angela Bonitatibus

Artist: Angela Bonitatibus

Angela finds inspiration from the world around her by expressing her interpretation of what she sees. She enjoys sketching and painting the images that she captures through her life experiences.

Angela enjoys the impermanence of window painting and has painted several storefront windows in Haldimand County and Brantford over the past several years. She is currently exploring acrylic painting on live edge lumber creating seasonal art as well as natural scenes. Working in a few different mediums to satisfy her love for creating, she is learning the art of cold-process soap making using naturally gathered botanicals.

Angela attended Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design learning ceramics and other conceptual art. Spending time in natural area’s gives her a rejuvenated feeling that helps her creativity. The beauty of Haldimand county and the time spent in nature have inspired the artwork for the paddle titled R and R.

Sarah Butcher
Sarah Butcher

Artist: Sarah Butcher (nee Hogeterp)

Instagram: @greeneyes.andthumbs.creative

Sarah has been a resident of Haldimand County all her life, growing up in Cayuga and now raising her family in Jarvis.

Sarah always had a natural, artistic ability and was most happy when creating something. Her storage room overflows with art supplies and materials awaiting transformation by her amateur hands! While Sarah didn’t pursue post-secondary training, she thoroughly enjoyed Visual Arts courses all through high school.

Generally, Sarah’s artwork is inspired by nature, sentiment, and symbolism. Those closest to Sarah know she uses “art eyes” to appreciate the beauty of our county and its Creator. As well, Sarah is passionate about community and volunteerism and feels it is an honour to be selected for the PATH Phase 2 project!

Kaya Hill
Kaya Hill

Artist: Kaya Hill

Kaya Hill is a Haudenosaunee artist from Six Nations of the Grand River, Oneida Nation and Wolf Clan. She is a Trent University alumna where she received her BA in Indigenous Studies, focusing her studies on Indigenous food systems, food security, and food sovereignty. Through her pyrography/wood burning work, she focuses on Haudenosaunee teachings, treaties, knowledges, and stories, interpreting them through her artwork. Some examples of Kaya’s work include depictions of the Great Tree of Peace, the 9 Clans of the Haudenosaunee, and the Traditional Haudenosaunee Calendar on the back of a turtle’s shell. Each piece represents a piece of her journey of reconnection to her Haudenosaunee roots.

Lisa Kostelny
Lisa Kostelny

Artist: Lisa Kostelny

Follow Lisa on Twitter: @lk04tx

Lisa was born and raised in Dunnville, and she loves living in this community. Lisa has been teaching for 13 years at J.L. Mitchener Public School in Cayuga, and have recently completed the Visual Arts Specialist program.

Lisa has always loved art in a variety of mediums since she was young, and continues this interest and passion today. Lisa also loves to travel and have enjoyed visiting art galleries and museums across Europe and Canada.

Andrea Thompson
Andrea Thompson

Artist: Andrea Thompson

For Andrea “Art is Life” and “Life is Art.” She enjoys working in many different techniques and mediums.

Andrea constantly looks for ways to learn and improve her techniques. “Perspective” is the way you see things. She calls this: “Andrea’s Perspective”. Andrea loves to put feelings to paper or canvas…the wonder of a sunset…the innocence of a child at play…the sadness of a man missing someone. Andrea’s favourite time is spent sitting near the water’s edge, quietly painting .

Andrea has enjoyed doing portraits as well as commissions. She has recently started teaching art to children and facilitating workshops for both children and adults. Andrea continues to spend almost every available hour with art – either looking for her next inspiration or making that inspiration a reality.

Arlene Turcotte
Arlene Turcotte

Artist: Arlene Horne Turcotte

Arlene was born and raised in Dunnville, Ontario and raised her 4 children in the beautiful town. She grew up on the grand, is a business owner of Best Wishes and Edible Gift Shop and has been serving her community for many years.

Adventures as children catching frogs, turtles and fishing making forts in the cat tails with the noise of paddles in the water. The simple moments of just sitting by the river enjoying life on the grand with the breeze on her face as she enjoyed the majestic movement of the cat tails marking the waster edge of the grand river.

Arlene has been a creative artist and teaching her entire life. The life on the grand has inspired so many thoughts in her mind as an artist in different mediums of creating art. It is a wonderful life; there’s no place she would rather be.

Project Coordinator/ Artist: Gina Wilson McIntee

Gina Wilson-McIntee

To see more of Gina’s work or to contact her please visit:

Gina’s Website, Facebook or Instagram

Project Administrator/ Artist: Kerry Walford

Kerry Walford

To see more of Kerry’s work or to contact please visit:

Artist: William Biddle

William Biddle

To see more of William’s work or to contact him please visit:


Artist: Paul Chartrand

Paul Chartrand

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Artist: Kerrie Curran

Kerrie Curran

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Artist: Jasmine General

Jasmine General

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Artist: Morgan Hann

Morgan Hann

To see more of Morgan’s work or to contact please visit:

Info to come.

Artist: Krysta Jamieson

Krysta Jamieson

To see more of Krysta’s work or to contact please visit:

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Artist: Andrea Johnston

Andrea Johnston

Artist: Gloria Kingma

Gloria Kingma

To see more of Gloria’s work or to contact please visit:

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Artist: Sadie Kingma

Sadie Kingma

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Artist: Rose Lamothe

Rose Lamothe

To see more of Rose’s work or to contact; please visit:

Info to come.

Artist: Karen MacDonald Prine

Karen MacDonald Prine

To see more of Karen’s work or to contact please visit:


Artist: CMBear Art

CMBear Art

To see more of Christine’s work or to contact please visit: Instagram or Facebook

Artist: Shumauni McIntee

Shumauni McIntee

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Artist: Billy Jack Milligan

Billy Jack Milligan

To see more of Billy Jack’s work or to contact please visit:

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Artist: Audrey O'marra

Audrey O'marra

To see more of Audrey’s work or to contact her please visit:

Artist: Lisa Passmore

Lisa Passmore

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Artist: Frances Porter

Frances Porter

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Artist: Barb Rowe

Barb Rowe

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Artist: Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson

To see more of Andrea’s work or to contact her please visit:

Facebook or Instagram

Artist: Jodi Vander Heide-Buswa

Jodi Vander Heide-Buswa

To see more of Jodi’s work or to contact please visit:


Artist: Lacie Williamson

Lacie Williamson

To see more of Lacie’s work or to contact please visit:

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