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A Fresh New Look: Haldimand County Council Approves New Corporate Logo And Brand

In April 2019, Council reviewed a proposed new logo and brand as part of its approved Economic Development Strategy. After deliberation and some suggested modifications to the concept, Council additionally approved staff recommendations to adopt the logo for corporate use.

Creating a new brand and logo to market the County was identified as a priority in 2017 following the development of comprehensive economic development & tourism strategies. The Council-approved strategies outlined the need for a strong brand to raise the County’s profile and differentiate it in the minds of prospective investors, visitors and businesses to foster economic growth.

In 2018, the County received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Rural Economic Development Fund to conduct the brand strategy. Hamilton-based consultants CQNS were retained to lead the brand strategy’s development, which included multiple stages of research and stakeholder engagement including online/telephone surveys, the formation of a brand steering committee and public meetings held within each community.

During the development of the new Economic Development & Tourism brand, an opportunity to update the Haldimand County corporate logo was identified. For the past 18 years, the County has had a Coat of Arms (used for formal business) as well as a logo (used for marketing and communication purposes). The County’s corporate logo usage policy – instituted in 2001 – acknowledged that the logo would have a limited lifespan and require periodic updating.

The new logo provides a fresh new look for Haldimand County and portrays the county’s natural beauty while symbolizing its potential as a great place to live, work and play. “A cohesive, contemporary corporate identity helps portray the benefits of our community to residents, businesses, investors and visitors,” said Don Boyle, Haldimand County’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Haldimand County has evolved significantly since 2001 & the new logo reflects our community’s increased vibrancy, dynamism & potential,” he added.

Part of the re-brand involved the creation of a new tagline that celebrates what makes
Haldimand a unique destination for both visitors and prospective investors. The new Economic Development & Tourism tagline – Real. Potential. – speaks to two key elements of Haldimand County’s character: authenticity and opportunity.

Real is just how we live. It is about authentic and sincere experiences with people who are proud of who they are and what they have created.

Potential is our promise. We want to show people what Haldimand County is – a place where you can create a new business, have unique experiences and make a real impact.

“This is an exciting change and marks a turning point in the way we communicate the benefits of the County,” said Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt. “While our commitment to the business community in Haldimand will not change, there is incredible potential to grow. Cities and surrounding regions throughout Ontario are marketing themselves directly and in defined, refreshed ways; the new branding puts Haldimand in a position to compete for those opportunities,” he continued.

The new logo will be rolled out incrementally. Replacement of roadside and building signage, as well as updates to County publications bearing the old logo, will occur gradually over time to minimize costs. The majority of County assets and materials will be updated as they are re-ordered, re-printed or replaced.

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Funding for the brand strategy was provided by the Government of Ontario’s Rural Economic Development Fund.