Tourism Products & Experiences

To help promote Haldimand County tourism businesses we are collecting information on specific products and experiences geared to visitors.

Information collected may be used to help craft social media posts, blogs and articles, Haldimand County maps and guides, direct travel writers to uniquely Haldimand experiences and to forward to partners like Ontario Southwest to promote on their website and other marketing initiatives.

Please complete the form below.

  • We want you to be very specific i.e. if you are a restaurant, let us know that menu item that you invented and can't be found anywhere else and uses local ingredients.
  • To promote your product/experience, we need people to be able to find it online. We need your URL on your website that talks about this product/experience. Note: you don't have to be able to buy it on-line.
  • Visuals are key in making the product/experience come to life. Upload a picture that Haldimand County & Ontario Southwest can use to help promote it.
    By clicking "yes" you give permission for Haldimand County & Ontario Southwest to use the information in this form and the photo uploaded in promoting tourism.