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Legal Proceedings Against the County

In order to commence legal action, a Statement of Claim submission must comply with the legislated process. A claim submitted to the County, including written notice required by law, is not sufficient to commence a claim in Court.

Haldimand County relies on the following legislation regarding legal proceedings:

  1. R.O 1990, Reg. 194: Rules of Civil Procedure
  2. Reg. 258/98: Rules of the Small Claims Court

As a municipality, legislation dictates that any court documents are to be served to the Municipal Clerk or delegate of the County.

Please call or email the County’s office in order to ensure that there is someone available to accept the documents.

Municipal Clerk

The legal entity and address is as follows:

The Corporation of Haldimand County
53 Thorburn St S
Cayuga, On
N0A 1E0

All information provided above is intended as general information and should not be considered legal advice.

Where the County has determined that it is not liable, it will vigorously defend any legal claim against it.  The County does not pay “nuisance settlements” to avoid going to Court.