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System Support and Training Materials are available to help Vendors navigate bids&tenders online portal:


Is Haldimand County offering this service free of charge to Vendors?

Yes! Vendors can register for an account and access Haldimand County’s bid opportunities free of charge.

Is Haldimand County accepting Bids electronically?

Yes!  Any bid document posted as of Monday, March 30 will accept online submissions only.

Can Vendors add more than one contact to the account?

Vendors are able to add up to ten (10) contacts per account.  This allows a number of individuals within a organization or different departments to access and bid on certain projects.  We encourage you to add your colleagues to the account – that way if you are away on vacation, your organization can continue to be updated on bid opportunities and take action when necessary.

How do Vendors manage notifications?

On the dashboard, in the “Manage Account” section, Vendors are able to choose the categories that are most appropriate.

Please note: If you select categories but leave the agency selection blank,  you will not receive any new bid notifications – so make sure you select Haldimand County as an agency to receive notifications of any bid opportunities that you may be interested in!

How do Vendors access Bid documents without the "preview" watermark?

The documents are available for preview with a watermark without any obligation to bid as long as they have been uploaded in PDF format by the Haldimand County.  To obtain the a copy of the documents without the “preview” watermark, you must register for the bid.

Please note: If the bid is a Request for Pre-qualification, the documents may not always be available for preview.

I registered for the bid, but still can't access the documents

If you have already registered for the bid, but are still seeing the documents with a “preview” watermark, please ensure that you are logged in on bids&tenders.

Please note: If the bid is a Request for Pre-qualification, the documents may not always be available for preview.

I am unable to print the documents without the "preview" watermark

You can only save/download the documents with the “preview” watermark.  The “preview” watermark will be present until you have registered as a Plan taker for the Bid.

Once registered as a Plan Taker you can save/download/print without the “preview” watermark.

What type of files can be downloaded in "preview" mode?

Only pdf files can be previewed. Any other extension or document type, you must register as a Plan-Taker in order to view.

How do Vendors change the Company name?

Under the “Manage Account” section on your profile you are able to change any information pertaining to your organization except the organization’s Legal Name. In order for you to change this, bidsandtenders requires the Primary Contact to send in a request to

Please Note: make sure you specify in the email the current name and the name you would like to change it to.

Can Vendors submit a question directly to the Bid Contact?

No.  Questions must be submitted using the “Submit a Question” button.

Instructions on how to submit a question can be found under the Training Material provided below.

Can Vendors submit a question after the question deadline?

No.  Haldimand County may choose not to answer the questions if they are submitted after the Question Deadline.

The question period is outlined in the Bid document.

Will Vendors receive updates if something changes in the Bid details?

If Haldimand County makes revisions to the Bid document, an Addendum will be generated and each Plan Taker will receive a notification via e-mail.

Do I have to complete the steps in order online?

The online submission steps can be completed in any order or preference.

Steps are normally complete with an indication of a green checkmark.  All steps have to be comleted in order to submit your submission.

How much time do I have to complete the Bid Submission?

The Date and Closing Time can be found on the Bid Details page.

Once the Submission process is started, a countdown clock will appear in the top right hand corner, indicating how much time you have left to complete your online submission.

How do I save my Bid Submission?

If you would like to continue the Bid Submission another day, you can save the your Bid.

Click on the “Save my Bid” button, located on the bottom of the screen.

In a case of a blackout, lost internet connect, etc. there is no guarantee that the information will be retained.

Can I edit my Bid Submission?

Once you complete your Submission and you need to edit the Bid at a later time (but prior to the Closing Date and Time), this can be done by selecting “MY Bids” on your account home page.

Once in the “MY Bids” section, select the Bid you would like to edit and select Resume Submission.

What if I miss a step on my Bid Submission?

After completing each step, a green checkmark will appear.  If further information is required, a red exclamation mark will appear, indicating this section is not complete.


When selecting the Submit Bid, an error will return indicating further steps must be completed for a successful submission.

What is the character limit in the text fields of a Bid Submission?

The text/character limit is 32000

What is the max file size I can upload in my Bid Submission?

The system supports all file types – but each file has a 2GB max file size.

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