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How to Request a Document in an Alternative Format


This procedure applies to materials produced by or for Haldimand County and the Haldimand County Public Library Board for release to the public.

Haldimand County respects the right of all residents to access public information and will respond to all requests for documents in alternative formats promptly and to the best of its abilities.

When and How Haldimand County Provides Documents in Alternative Formats

Haldimand County will provide any document produced by or for the County or the Library Board in an alternative format upon request, unless it is not technically feasible to do so and subject to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Alternative formats can include, but are not limited to:

  • Web access
  • Large print versions of the document, or
  • A text-only electronic file which can then be read by computer or printed in Braille

If you require a document in a particular alternative format, send your request to the issuing Division or to the County’s Customer Service Representatives, who will then forward your request to the issuing Division.

When You’ll Receive a Requested Document

The waiting period to receive a document depends on:

  • How long it takes us to convert it to the format you choose
  • The size, complexity and quality of source documents
  • The number of documents to be converted


When a member of the public requests a County or Library Board document in an alternative format, Haldimand County shall be responsible for the cost of the conversion, materials and distribution, not the public requestor.