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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Group high-fivingHaldimand County is pleased to have launched its first-ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DEIAC). The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to Haldimand County Council, Senior Staff and the Police Services Board on matters, issues and policies promoting inclusion, respect, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity within the community.


An inclusive Haldimand that values, respects and embraces diversity and equity so that everyone can participate in our shared community.

Guiding Principles

Diversity – A place where all residents, visitors and staff feel like they belong and can contribute.

Equity – Enhancing participation and representation of a range of human qualities and attributes, both visible and invisible.

Inclusion – A place where you can expect respectful interactions and fair treatment.

Committee Mandate and Priorities

The committee will provide recommendations, advice and information to Mayor and Council, senior staff and the Police Services Board to:

  • Remove barriers in municipal/community relations
  • Improve municipal policies, procedures, practices and master plans
  • Educate municipal staff on cultural competencies and expectations of DEI in service delivery
  • Explore ways to diversify offerings in new and broad-reaching ways
  • Connect and engage with diverse groups
  • Facilitate broader understanding and engagement of local government for all
  • Assist with raising and addressing concerns of tension, racism or discrimination
  • Encourage individuals of all abilities to participate in municipal programs, events, with or without accommodation, and be respected in doing so

For more information on this committee, please contact Read the Terms of Reference.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee members

Anita Gombos HillAbout Anita Gombos Hill

Anita is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. She is eager to bring her academic and her personal experience of immigration, social inequality and diversity to the County’s DEIA Committee. She decided to join the DEIAC in order to positively impact the experience of Haldimand County community members who belong to diverse social and economic groups. Professionally, Anita is a PhD Candidate (ABD) at York University in the Sociology Program. Her research interests include immigration, racism and anti-racism, sociology of health and women’s health. She is a Board Director at Haldimand-Norfolk Community Senior Support Services (HNCSSS) and a Patient Advisor as well as a Board Director at the Greater Hamilton Health Network (GHHN).

Arif MajidAbout Arif Majid

Arif is a husband, a father, and a long-time resident of Caledonia, here in Haldimand County. He is an Insurance Broker and business owner. Arif has a passion for social justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion.  From an early age, he felt it important to bring people together and celebrate their differences. He’s been a member of various groups and committees throughout his school and his professional years that stand for and fight for inclusion and diversity. It is Arif’s belief that people represent the community they live in, and that community, in turn, should not only represent them but reflect them. People should see their faces in their community, and feel safe, wanted and very much at home within that community.

Avaia BerganAvaia is a Grade 11 student living in Caledonia and attending high school in Simcoe. She is on the Student Council and is president of the school’s Diversity Club.  She lends her talents to the Simcoe Composite School Concert Band playing the trumpet and euphonium. She is a member of the Haldimand Norfolk Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee playing a representative role for the Youth Advisory Committee. She enjoys travelling to experience different cultures and lifestyles. Avaia hopes her membership will bring youth input to everyday diversity, equity and inclusion problems.

Gayatri BousfieldAbout Gayatri Bousfield

Gayatri brings her passion for supporting an inclusive, responsive and equitable public service delivery within Haldimand County in her role as a DEIAC member. Having lived in four countries, delivered social services assistance programs at the regional level, and provided enterprise risk management and strategic human resources services in a professional capacity at the provincial level government for over 23 years, Gayatri is dedicated to supporting impactful and meaningful change for county residents.

Harsit PatelAbout Harsit Patel

Harsit is a long-time resident of Haldimand County. His family immigrated to Cayuga when he was seven years old and has been a part of this community ever since. He has witnessed how great the community can be in opening its arms to newcomers from all walks of life.  His background is in public and private health care, but his passion is in helping others, and a part of this is to educate and support others to feel at home, right here in our beautiful grand community.

John PackAbout John Pack

John Pack has been involved with Midland Council serving on various committees for more than 20 years. For the last eight years, he has served on three committees here in Haldimand County. He has always enjoyed working with staff, other committees and the public, and is looking forward to working with the DEIA committee members and giving a voice to all who need it.

DEIAC Agendas and Minutes

DEIAC Agendas


DEIAC Minutes


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