The Building Inspection Process

Generally, many inspections are required during the construction process to ensure that all work is being carried out according to the approved construction drawings and the Ontario Building Code.

Building Inspector’s Office Hours

Caledonia and Hagersville Satellite Office Building Inspector’s Office Hours

Counter and Phone Service – Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.
Field Building Inspections – Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The following inspection stages require 24 hours notice, given by either the owner or contractor:

Required Inspections

Inspection Description


The footing subgrade must be inspected after all footing formwork is in place, but prior to the pouring of the concrete footings.


The building foundation must be inspected after it has been constructed, anchor bolts are in place, dampproofing or waterproofing has been applied, the drainage layer has been installed, and drainage tile and granular covers are in place, but prior to backfilling.


All piping, supply, drainage and venting must be inspected while under test (water or air).


The building superstructure must be inspected after framing members, roof, floor/wall sheathing and air barriers are in place AND ALL MECHANICAL VENTILATION AND PLUMBING IN ROUGHED IN, but prior to the application of any interior or exterior finishes.

Woodstove, Fireplaces & Chimneys

Sewer (Interior)

All subgrade sewer piping must be inspected. Piping must be exposed, installed at the correct slope and be under a test.

Insulation, Vapour Barrier & Air Barrier

Must be inspected after all required insulation, vapour barriers and air barrier are in place, but prior to the application of any interior and/or exterior finish material.


Must be inspected after all drywall is in place, but prior to the application of any drywall compound to the joints or nail/screw holes.

Sewage Systems

Field and tank inspections to be completed prior to backfill and final inspection to be completed and installation certificate to be submitted prior to occupancy.


No person shall occupy or permit to be occupied a building intended for residential occupancy unless an Occupancy Permit has been obtained from the Building Division and all the conditions of the Ontario Building Code, Division “C” – Part 1, Subsection 1.3.3. have been completed.


This inspection is completed after all Ontario Building Code requirements and Planning provisions have been fulfilled.