Broadband Internet Project


In September 2019, Haldimand County Council formally adopted 8 corporate priorities for the 2018-2022 term. One of these priorities is bringing high-speed, reliable internet service to all Haldimand County residents. Council approved a two step process involving (1) the identification of interested internet service providers and (2) a Negotiated Request for Proposals process to select a provider.

The Broadband Internet Project was identified as vital for a number of reasons:

  • There are areas of the County with limited/no internet service providers
  • There are a large number of home-based businesses that do not have high speed internet
  • Large farming operations require high speed internet access for daily operations
  • There are evident social inequalities in communities where lack of high speed internet is impacting students and residents’ abilities to access information or services
  • High-speed internet will foster economic prosperity & help retain and attract business in Haldimand County

Haldimand County and KWIC Internet have mutually decided to terminate the agreement

Since 2019, Haldimand County has been working towards its commitment to bring affordable, reliable high-speed internet service to all residents as part of Council’s top priorities for the 2018-2022 term. In 2020, Haldimand County Council approved a plan to accelerate the delivery of internet services to underserviced areas in Haldimand County through a competitive bid process and provision of an interest-free loan. In June 2020, KWIC Internet was announced as the successful proponent and had begun the process of construction and installation of fibre internet.

Since this time, numerous changes have occurred in the Telecommunications sector, which is governed Federally by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). These changes, including amalgamation, increased grant funding opportunities and new technological opportunities have increased competition in this sector and made servicing rural communities more attractive.

Given this increased competition and the arrival of large, nationally backed service providers in our community, Haldimand County and KWIC Internet have mutually decided to terminate the agreement to facilitate broadband internet service across the County. Recently, Xplornet Communications Inc., through their acquisition of Metro Loop, announced that they intend to offer high-speed, fiber broadband service to over 19,000 homes and businesses throughout the County within two years.

“While local circumstances have changed in terms of how broadband expansion is taking place, Council’s goal of bringing high speed internet to rural communities across Haldimand is expected to be achieved through increased competition in the area resulting in better internet service in a quicker timeframe for our residents and businesses,” said Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt.

Haldimand County will continue to monitor the progress of this installation and provide regular updates to Council on the availability and progress.

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