Broadband Internet Project

Project Status

Broadband internet installation in Haldimand County is currently being undertaken by the private sector (Xplornet/Metroloop) without County involvement other than any approvals to use municipal roads. While providing high speed internet to underserviced areas is a Term of Council priority, and the County had previously initiated an approach/agreement to incentivize its installation, several developments in the telecommunications sector resulted in a change in approach by the County during the project’s rollout phase and ultimately, mutual termination of the Haldimand County-KWIC project agreement.

The provision of internet services is regulated by the Federal Government through the CRTC and is a highly competitive sector that is predominantly run by a handful of large telecommunication companies/Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

In late 2020 and early 2021, this sector saw a number of amalgamations whereby the majority of the small local ISPs were acquired by the larger providers. This was the case in Haldimand, whereby Xplornet (supported by their parent company) acquired a number of small internet providers in Haldimand County.

Starting in early 2021, Metro Loop (albeit now a subsidiary of Xplornet) initiated a very aggressive broadband coverage strategy for Haldimand County with high speed fibre-to-home service. They intend to cover the entire County with over 600 kilometres of fibre optic cable over a 2 year timeframe, ending in 2023. For the status of current broadband coverage and timing of completion, contact Metro Loop.

Metro Loop’s fibre optic expansion project is not funded by the county nor is there any project or servicing agreement (as there was with KWIC).