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Signage Programs

Program Objectives

Haldimand County’s Tourism and Agriculture Directional Signage Program is designed to:

  • Elevate Haldimand County’s tourist destination image;
  • Inform road users of tourism and agriculture operations and attractions;
  • Provide road directions to Haldimand County tourism and agriculture operations;
  • Increase the frequency and quantity of tourism visits by:
    • Providing consistent signage information to road users;
    • Improving the management and delivery of tourism signage to customers;
    • Protecting the safety of road users

Please Note- This program is currently not currently accepting applications and will be on hold until Fall 2023.


For more information on this program, please contact:

The Economic Development & Tourism Division-General Inquiries
Ph: 905-318-5932 ext. 6331

If you wish to install directional signage on a provincial highway, please contact the Ontario Tourist-Oriented Directional Signing Program.