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Chambers & BIA’s

Looking to find out more about local business? Then contact one of Haldimand County’s business organizations. Dedicated employees and volunteers spend their time to meet community and business needs. These organizations work to beautify urban downtown cores, operate town festivals, organize small business projects, and provide business supports. For more information contact an organization in your town.

These organizations serve the needs of business owners and operators in each community and the surrounding area.

Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce
1 Grand Trunk Lane, P.O. Box 2035,
Caledonia, ON N3W 0J2
Phone: 905-765-0377

Cayuga Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 118,Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0
Phone: 905-772-0422

Dunnville Chamber of Commerce
231 Chestnut Street, P.O. Box 124,
Dunnville, ON NIA 2X1
Phone: 905-774-3183

Hagersville and District Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1090,
Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0
Phone: 905-768-0422

Jarvis Board of Trade
P.O. Box 160,
Jarvis, ON N0A 1J0
Phone: 519-587-2237
Jarvis Board of Trade Facebook Page

Selkirk Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 234,
Selkirk, ON N0A 1P0

These organizations improve downtown business areas through beautification programs and activities.

Caledonia Business Improvement Area
P.O. Box 2032,
Caledonia ON N3W 1A0
Phone: 289-260-8394
Map of Caledonia BIA

Dunnville Business Improvement Area
P.O. Box 53,
Dunnville, ON NIA 1X1
Phone: 905-774-6222
Map of Dunnville BIA

Hagersville Business Improvement Area
P.O. Box 523, 12 Almas, St. South,
Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0
Phone: 905 768 3431
Map of Hagersville BIA

These organizations provide supports to local businesses.

Brantford- Brant Business Resource Centre
1 Market Street
Brantford ON N3T 6C8
Phone: 519-756-4269

Grand Erie Business Centre
53 Thorburn St. S., Cayuga, ON  N0A 1E0
Caledonia ON N3W 1B6
Phone: 905-765-5005