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Manufacturing Sector


Manufacturing is a key industry in Haldimand County as it provides employment to over 2,700 residents. Haldimand County has a higher concentration of these positions compared to the provincial and federal employment sectors.  Local supply chains and access to key markets in Southwestern Ontario and the Northern United States have allowed this industry to flourish.

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Percentage of Manufacturing Jobs Versus Total Jobs

Types of Manufacturing Jobs in 2017

Sector Specific Incentives

The following incentives are available to manufacturers in Haldimand County, and are offered by a variety of local organizations. For more information on these funding opportunities please contact us at 905-318-5932 or follow the links below to visit the funder’s web page.

Hiring and Training Incentives for Employers – Government of Ontario

Funding Programs and Grants for jobs, training, and social development projects – Government of Canada

Economic Development Initiative– FedDev Ontario

Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit – Ontario Ministry of Finance

Southwest Ontario Development Fund – Ministry of Economic Development and Growth

To find out more about the Municipal Programs, Incentives or Resources listed on this page please call us at 905-318-5932 ext. 6331 or email: