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Haldimand Infrastructure Projects Moving Forward Despite Pandemic Challenges

Despite significant challenges and disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Haldimand County’s 2020 capital program – which outlines $48.7 million in strategic infrastructure investments – continues to move forward.

“Staff have been extremely diligent in moving the capital program forward, recognizing the importance of community infrastructure as integral to Haldimand’s post-pandemic economic recovery and future well-being,” said Haldimand County’s Chief Administrative Officer Craig Manley.

Manley noted that the $48.7 million budget exceeds previous years’ levels of investment and the County remains in an excellent financial position to continually enhance community infrastructure.

$37.1 million of the capital program represents engineering and construction-related projects that enhance livability and community vibrancy. These projects are funded by the Tax-Supported Capital Budget and include, but are not limited to: the conversion of all gravel roads to hard-top (by 2023), rural road resurfacing, urban paving, street lighting enhancements, parking lot expansions/improvements and stormwater management.

The remaining $11.6 million is allocated to water and wastewater infrastructure improvements, which include, but are not limited to: technical studies and servicing strategy updates (e.g. Caledonia Master Servicing Plan Update), wastewater treatment plant upgrades and forcemain restoration work. These projects will result in increased water treatment capacity and ensure the continued delivery of safe drinking water to all residents.

Comprehensive lists of active engineering & water/wastewater projects (to July 31, 2020) are available:

Engineering capital projects update

Water/wastewater capital projects update

Capital projects scheduled for 2020 can also be viewed on the Capital Projects Interactive Map.