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The Caledonia Mill

Who:  Riverside Properties

Year Established:  2018


Riverside Properties looked at a decaying old mill on the banks of the Grand River and saw the future, not the past.

The iconic old Caledonia Mill was built around 1853, and it needed to be torn down. It was leaning toward the river, and
its walls were collapsing. But Riverside had other ideas—it turned the old mill into a class-A office building.

The partners in Riverside anticipated that Haldimand County Council Officials and planning staff would help them move forward with the renovation, and they were right.

Permitting processes that take over a year to complete in most places were handled in a matter of months in Haldimand County.

The partners, who did the project on spec, invested in Haldimand County because they expect the county’s population to grow significantly in the coming years. As this happens, they anticipate the old-mill office building will be increasingly desirable to companies—allowing employees to enjoy the county’s pastoral feel and high quality-of-life, while avoiding excessively long commutes into Ontario’s metropolitan areas.

Riverside restored the mill’s exterior to its original look but turned the interior into 12,000-square-feet of leasable office space as sleek and high-tech as the best office buildings in a big city downtown. With a view of the Grand River on three sides, it’s an office building like no other.

The Riverside partners are excited to be part of a community they see as progressive and accommodating to business. They’re betting other companies will want to do the same and lease space in the building they saved from destruction.

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