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Lacie Williamson

Community Involvement:

  • LVW Creative Barracks Kids Camps
  • Organizes “On The Range” Family Friendly Music Festival
  • Hosts Open House for Local Artists

“I do art because I think it makes the world a better place.”

Lacie Williamson, owner of LVW Creative Barracks, has always been passionate about the arts. One of the things she has been most interested in throughout her career is sharing her interests and talents with others, which she has been able to achieve with her business. LVW Creative Barracks offers art classes, creative workshops, and camps for children, adults and families. Lacie’s goal with her business is to create a space where children feel safe, welcome and accepted.

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LVW Creative Barracks Former Location

Born and raised in Dunnville, Lacie recalls always being an artsy kid, but noted there were few opportunities to lean into this interest locally. It wasn’t until she attended Carleton University in Ottawa that she recalls being exposed to a strong arts culture and new opportunities. After this experience, she knew that one day she would open a business where she could teach children about art, and be the local outlet she didn’t have.

Lacie Williamson has been operating LVW Creative Barracks in Dunnville since 2017; however, has been teaching art since 2015 in the area. Before working as an artist, Lacie was a journalist for The Dunnville Chronicle, until it unexpectedly closed its doors in 2012. After another unfortunate turn of events, including a fire at LVW Creative Barracks first location, things have come full circle and she has now relocated her business to the building that was once home to the Dunnville Chronicle.

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One of LVW Creative Barracks’ Open Houses

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, it significantly affected Lacie and her business. She was unable to offer her regular programs, and had to pivot her business model to focus on virtual opportunities. Lacie began teaching her classes online through zoom, and also began creating an activity subscription box for people to purchase. She recalls that her art studio turned into an assembly line during this period.  Lacie also opened a gift shop at her location, as a result of the pandemic. When asked how this came about Lacie explained, “The idea sparked when I was hosting an open house for artists during COVID. One benefit of the pandemic is artists had time to create, but there was nowhere to sell their work”. She furthered, “Dozens of local artists came to the event, and it was such an enormous success that the space has now transitioned into a permanent gift shop that supports local artists”.

Whether it be planning community events, hosting summer camps, helping local artists, or providing an inclusive space,  Lacie Williamson has created something special for her community with LVW Creative Barracks. She is a great example of a local leader.

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