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Development Concierge Team

Development challenges facing complex development projects:

Navigating through the development process can be confusing and time-consuming for businesses.  When considering the entire development process from land transactions, to obtaining building occupancy, the coordination can be challenging. After adding the need for various studies, applications, permits, and/or sign-offs from external agencies, it becomes additionally daunting.

Issues such as tight timelines or lack of understanding of the requirements to move a project forward, or the costs involved, are frequent concerns expressed by developers.

The process may be further delayed if information has been missed; fees, plans, or regulations aren’t fully understood; or there has been a miscommunication along the path to development.

Introducing the Development Concierge Team concept:

The Development Concierge Team will provide a unified approach to key projects via a consistent staff team and approach. This cross-divisional team will provide the tools and follow-up to ensure investors and entrepreneurs are given the best opportunity to succeed.

The team will consist of:

  • Team Lead, Manager of Economic Development & Tourism
  • a Senior Economic Development Officer, Economic Development & Tourism
  • a Planner and Development & Design Technologist, Planning and Development Services
  • a Building Inspector, Building and Enforcement Services
  • a Water and Wastewater Technologist or Supervisor, Environmental Operations

The assigned staff will work together throughout the development process to assist the business and provide the enhanced level of customer service required to ensure the development moves forward.  Team composition may vary depending on project.

What development projects qualify for the Development Concierge Team?

The team will assess each project on its individual characteristics and will determine if the development meets the eligibility criteria. Some considerations for qualification include:

  • Investment in substantial new capital in the community;
  • Bringing new full-time, ongoing employment to Haldimand County;
  • Are high profile developments (not necessarily employment driven) that require additional staff support and attention;
  • Are existing business operations wishing to expand or relocate within Haldimand County; or
  • Are existing business operations considering job cuts or moving operations and employees outside of Haldimand County

Complete the confidential request form below and you will be contacted by a team member to discuss your request and next steps.

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