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D-M Precision Products

Who:  Chad Plath, Plant Manager and grandson of the original owner

Year Established:  1960


D-M Precision Products has a long history in Haldimand County, and the custom machining company has plans for a promising future here.

Located in Dunnville, D-M produces high-precision parts for the science, medical, and telecommunications industries. It works with two of the biggest satellite manufacturers in North America and has customers across the world. But the family-owned
business doesn’t want to be located anywhere other than Haldimand.

Recently D-M invested substantially in automation tools to stay ahead of the curve in computer numerical control (CNC)  machining, which is the automated control of machining tools using computer technology. And the company has found
that in doing so it attracts young, talented employees to utilize the technology.

These young professionals are attracted by the opportunity to work in a region that offers high-tech employment in a beautiful, small-town atmosphere. In Haldimand, they find a great place to engage with exciting, cutting-edge technology without having to suffer long daily commutes and the hectic pace of highly urban areas. It’s a work-life balance that’s perfect for many  businesses and employees.

D-M is continuing to invest in automation tools and other equipment to maintain its global competitiveness and high product quality, and Haldimand’s appeal is crucial in hiring the talent to maximize these investments.

D-M’s history in Haldimand dates to the 1960s, with the current owners’ grandfather. One of the current owners, Chad, like his grandfather, grew up in Haldimand and never saw any reason to consider relocating. Haldimand has everything he wants in a place to live, as well as everything D-M needs to keep growing.

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